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Take a Tour of BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry App World logoFirst, be sure your smartphones are ready to take advantage of BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry smartphones with a trackball or touch screen running Device Software v4.2 or higher can download software from BlackBerry App World. Note that the IT department still controls which applications can be downloaded to individual devices. Using BlackBerry® Enterprise Server IT Policies, you can choose which apps—if any—employees have access to. To learn more about controlling application downloads, click here.

BlackBerry® App World™ is your one-stop shop for BlackBerry® smartphone apps. At BlackBerry App World, you can search for, learn about, download, and rate a growing number of BlackBerry smartphone applications. In this issue of BlackBerry® Connection®, we take you on a tour of BlackBerry App World and feature some of the apps available right now.

App World Feature

From the main screen, you can view featured apps or begin your search.

App World category list

Software on BlackBerry App World is organized by category.

App World description

By selecting an application you
can read an extended description of it.

App World PayPal

PayPal is a secure online payment system that is free to use.

To access applications you’ll need to download the BlackBerry App World application to your smartphone. You can do so directly from your BlackBerry smartphone by going to from your browser. Or visit the website from your desktop to have a download link sent to your device. Once the download is complete, the site’s icon will appear on your smartphone.

To get started, click on the icon to launch BlackBerry App World. From the home page you can find applications by selecting the Magnifier icon and then typing a name in the search bar; by selecting the Folder icon, you can browse for apps by category. BlackBerry App World includes software for both personal and business use in many categories, including music, finance, navigation, and travel.

To browse, just select a category and then scroll down to see your options. By selecting an application, you can view an expanded description as well as any user ratings. To download an app, select the Download button—you'll then be taken to the payment screen. Applications are purchased via PayPal®, a secure online payment system. To learn more about PayPal, click here.

Once you have entered your payment information, the download will begin.

You're now ready to use your new app. Once you've spent some time with it, you can write a review and rate it on BlackBerry App World, or email a link to friends who might also like it.

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Featured Launch Apps


logo Wonderful RemoteWonderful Remote
Turn your BlackBerry smartphone into a remote that can control your TiVo!
  • Mobile Bartender
  • People Mobile (U.S. only)
  • Tonemaker (U.S. only)

Personal Health & Wellness

logo Livestrong Calorie TrackerCalorie Tracker by Livestrong
Select from more than 525,000 items to keep track of your caloric, fat, protein, and carbohydrate intake.
  • AllSport GPS Free Trial
  • ECG Guide
  • Fast Food Calorie Counter


logo Brain Challenge 2Brain Challenge 2: Stress Management
Boost your brain power with this brain-training program that covers memory, visual, logic and math skills; also included is a focus category that will help you improve your concentration.
  • Age of Empires 3
  • Platinum Sudoku
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates

Maps & Navigation

logo GPS trackerGPS Tracker
Recover your lost phone or let your friends and family know exactly where you are with this free GPS app.
  • Goviko Navigator (U.S. only)

Music & Video

logo ShazamSlacker for BlackBerry Smartphones
Slacker for BlackBerry smartphones lets you choose from dozens of professionally programmed stations-or create a personalized station that will focus on the music you love, for free. You can also side-load stations onto your BlackBerry smartphone, letting you listen to your favorite music when you're outside your service area. (U.S. Only)
  • FlyCast
  • iheartradio (U.S. only)
  • Nobex Radio Companion
  • Pandora (U.S. only)

News & Weather

logo ViigoViigo for BlackBerry Smartphones
Tell Viigo what you want to know and the app keeps itself up to date, so your information is available immediately, wherever you are and whenever you need it. Choose from such content categories as finance, sports and politics and localize information to suit your needs.
  • AP News (U.S. only)
  • The New York Times Politics News Notifier
  • The Canadian Press Mobile

Professional & Business

logo BloombergBloomberg
All the business and finance information you need can now be delivered directly to your BlackBerry smartphone. Bloomberg Mobile offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, information on market leaders and laggers, price charts, market trends analysis, and more. You can also create a customized list of stocks that you want to follow from markets around the world.
  • The New York Times DealBook Notifier
  • Salesforce Mobile
  • TheStreet


logo WorldMate LiveWorldMate Live
WorldMate Live reduces the stress often involved in travel by making your trip details easily accessible. Your itinerary is automatically created and syncs between your BlackBerry smartphone, Microsoft® Outlook® and the WorldMate Live website. Receive flight alerts and reminders on your BlackBerry smartphone and search for alternate flights. With WorldMate Live, you can view your entire trip on a map, and you’ll also have access to worldwide travel directories, five-day weather forecasts, currency converters, and much more.
  • HRS Hotel Organizer
  • Lonely Planet Phrasebooks
  • Travel Genius

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Six Things You Should Know

What happens if I delete an application I've purchased?
You can re-download the app without having to pay again. For full details, download the BlackBerry App World FAQ (see below).

Where are downloaded applications stored?
Downloaded/installed applications exist in two locations. Within the application storefront client, you can access all downloaded applications from your My World folder. On your BlackBerry smartphone, applications will be downloaded to the Downloads folder.

Which currencies are supported?
At launch, the U.S. dollar (USD), Canadian dollar (CDN), British pounds (GBP) and the Euro (EUR) will be supported. If the region you live in does not use one of these, application prices will be listed in one of these four currencies. Pending PayPal is supported within the given country, account deductions will be converted into the native currency.

Can I buy any app listed?
Some applications are only available in specific regions or are dependent on service support from your wireless carrier. BlackBerry App World has been configured so that as best possible you will only see apps available for your service and region. For example, Pandora, Slacker and iheartradio are available only in the United States.

What if I run out of space on my device and want to download more applications?
The number of applications you can have installed at one time is based on your smartphone, the software you have already installed and the size of those applications.

Within the application storefront is the My World folder, which lists all the applications you have downloaded, whether installed or not. From this folder you can reinstall applications you have uninstalled, allowing you to store and retrieve applications you have downloaded.

Will IT departments have control of the BlackBerry application storefront?
IT departments will be able to manage and control the application storefront in two ways:

1) Enable/Disable Application Storefront Client Application is used to limit the user from accessing the application storefront client. Users will still be able to download the client onto their devices; however, they will receive an error message when they attempt to access the storefront.

2) Allow Third-Party Application Install is used to control the download of third-party applications.

To learn more, download the BlackBerry App World FAQ »

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