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WES 2010—An Insider's Planning Guide

WES 2010—An Insider's Planning Guide

WES 2010 is approaching quickly so it is time to start planning your itinerary. What with keynote speakers, the Solutions Showcase, parties, training, hands on labs, and of course the breakout sessions, the schedule will be packed. So open up your Calendar because it is time to make a plan.


To get the most from the show, WES veterans suggest that you start by reviewing your organization's mobility objectives for the coming year. Some examples may include:

  • Connect key employees to the information they need
  • Secure all mobile devices
  • Measure mobility ROI
  • Create three business-critical apps for the field team
  • Cut voice costs

Then plan your itinerary around those objectives. See the session catalog for ideas, and check out the agenda for general schedules.


  1. WA39 - BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express: The Next Level of Mobility
    The big news so far in 2010 is the introduction of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express, a free download that lets organizations connect more employees at low cost. This session promises to demonstrate a wireless communications and collaboration solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.
  2. WA33 - Enterprise Self-Service: Tools and Resources that Will Make You and Your BlackBerry Team More Efficient
    Self-service tools are a hot topic right now as a way to cut support costs while increasing service. This session will show BlackBerry® Administrators and Help Desk Staff how to become more proactive and independent as they manage their BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and BlackBerry® smartphone users.
  3. WA44 - Real-World Security and the BlackBerry Solution
    IT managers have access to various options and security policies for managing their deployment. But how do you know what will happen if you switch on a particular IT policy? Learn about the security-related IT policies and the real-world impact of how these settings affect your user community and data security.
  4. WB11 - Developing and Distributing Media-Rich Content for Mobile Workers
    Research shows that when mobile workers get the information they need where they need it, productivity jumps. Learn how to quickly develop secure, tracked media-rich content to smartphones.
  5. WB07 - Must-Have Smartphone Applications for Personal Productivity
    Want to get even more out of your BlackBerry smartphone deployment? This session highlights the latest must-have applications that leverage the BlackBerry platform to keep users informed, organized, and productive. Book a flight, check news headlines, collaborate with co-workers, track mileage, manage documents, complete expense reports—all from a BlackBerry smartphone.

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Sunday, April 25: Travel day

Arrive in Orlando at 2:22 pm. Check into hotel, then register at the Orlando World Center Marriott by 4 pm. Relax and grab some dinner. Then review my objectives for the week:

  • Lockdown mobile device security
  • Give more employees mobile access with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
  • Develop apps to move core functions to customer locations

Monday, April 26: Warming up

12 pm to 6 pm: Hands-On Labs
The breakout sessions do not start until Tuesday, so Monday afternoon is devoted to the Hands-On Labs. My focus here will be on security, high availability, monitoring, and the BlackBerry Administration Service. Will need to focus to pack it all in.

6 pm to 8 pm: WES 2010 Welcome Reception in the Solutions Showcase
Never miss these networking opportunities.

Tuesday, April 27: Kicking off in earnest

8:30 am to 10:30 am: WES 2010 General Session

11 am to 5:30 pm: Sessions

  • Hot Topic: Assessing Individual vs. Corporate Owned Smartphones
  • Getting Started: Understanding the BlackBerry Widget Development Platform
  • Security Built-In: An Overview of the BlackBerry Platform
  • Introduction to the BlackBerry Java Development Platform

7 pm to 11 pm: WES Party
Fun, fun, fun…

Wednesday: When the planning pays off

9 am to 11 am: WES 2010 General Session

11:15 am to 7:15 pm: Sessions

  • Using Mobility to Extend the Desktop
  • Customer Spotlight: BMO – Managing Wireless Costs without Jeopardizing Mobility
  • Cutting the Cord: Mobilizing Enterprise Voice Communications to Reduce Costs
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express: The Next Level of Mobility

12 pm to 5 pm: Between sessions, meet with vendors and customers at the Solutions Showcase

Thursday: Wrapping up

8 am to 5 pm: Certification
Sometime on Thursday squeeze in a certification exam (am I crazy?).

9 am to 3:45 pm: Sessions

  • Managing a BlackBerry Enterprise Server for 500 to 1,000 Users
  • Best Practices for Deploying the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with Microsoft® Exchange
  • Mobile Field Service Solutions: Examples, Success, Strategies

6 pm: Fly home

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WES 2010 registration Start here to register.
Session catalog Go here for session descriptions and schedules.
Pricing and packages See rates for Full Conference Pass, 1.5-Day Executive Pass, and other packages.
Registration FAQs Answers on fees, discounts, payments, accommodations, companions, and more.
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WES 2010 will be the sixth WES conference for Sigisbert Ratier, President of Soluteo Limited, a BlackBerry® Alliance Partner that offers field-force automation solutions. In this interview Ratier gives sage advice on how to get the most from WES 2010.

BlackBerry Connection (BC): What days do you plan to attend this year?
Sigisbert Ratier (SR): This year I will be there for Tuesday and Wednesday, and have already planned my entire schedule. I am also attending the BlackBerry® Alliance Summit on Monday. Between the two I find that I get enough key information to last an entire year.

BC: How do you select sessions?
SR: I start by asking what topics my clients care most about. In my company's case, my customers care about field force automation and mobility. So my objective is to take home 3–5 key ideas my sales team can use when talking with clients.

For example, I will be attending WB20 - BlackBerry Solutions in Public Safety. The information I get there will help me know what matters to our public sector clients.

BC: How does one get the most from a packed schedule?
SR: You have to juice it 100 percent during the time you are there. The key is planning. Pick sessions that cover a variety of topics and do not overlap. Plus you need to book your sessions early. But do not be too disappointed if an interesting presentation is overbooked.

BC: Why attend the general sessions?
SR: I want to hear the announcements, of course, but I also want to hear the tone from Research In Motion (RIM) and the partners. That gives me a sense for what will be important in the coming year.

BC: Does your head hurt afterwards?
SR: (Laughing) Let me put it this way: by the time I get home I do not look like a tourist who spent my vacation in Florida. You can go as tourist, but you will not come back with anything substantial in your luggage.

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