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Admin Tip: How to Troubleshoot Provisioning Problems

This month's admin tip explains how to troubleshoot problems with provisioning BlackBerry® smartphones during service activation. When provisioning issues crop up, the solution is usually a quick and painless fix. Read on for the solutions.


What is provisioning? Provisioning refers to service activation and to providing the services BlackBerry smartphones get with the wireless carrier's service plan.

What a BlackBerry smartphone is provisioned with is determined by the carrier service plan. When an issue crops up, it may be because:

  1. The services required for the BlackBerry smartphone to work properly and connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure are missing (e.g. BlackBerry® Enterprise Server service is missing).
  2. The wrong service plan was purchased (e.g. a consumer plan was purchased when a business plan was needed).
  3. The BlackBerry smartphone has not received the proper provisioning it needs (e.g. BlackBerry® Technical Support Service sees that the correct service plan is in place; but upon investigating discovers that the services for which the BlackBerry smartphone is registered are missing on the BlackBerry Infrastructure).
  4. Someone didn't pay a wireless bill (it happens—no services might mean provisioning has been discontinued).

Smart start-up move

Getting provisioning right starts at the beginning when a BlackBerry smartphone is activated. That's where the Enterprise Activation Readiness tool comes into play. You can use this tool to check that all provisioning is in place. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to the BlackBerry® Expert Support Center.
  • Select Tools.
  • Choose Enterprise Activation Readiness and follow the prompts:
    1. The first step verifies your 'Provisioning'
    2. The second your email environment
    3. The third checks whether the password has been confirmed

With a provisioning problem, in most cases the solution is usually a quick, painless fix. As the carriers keep billing information for individual BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Technical Support will work with the wireless carrier to help in verifying, escalating, and/or resolving the issue.

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