RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Presents: The Speed of Innovation--How IT is Driving Change in the Mobile Workplace

RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Presents: The Speed of Innovation--How IT is Driving Change in the Mobile Workplace

Robin Bienfait, CIO at Research In Motion, will show you how the hard work of IT departments in mobilizing employees and processes is contributing to organization success, in a live webcast at the BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2008.

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New! BlackBerry Training - Self Paced Virtual Classroom

New! BlackBerrry Training - Virtual Classroom

Deepen your knowledge of BlackBerry Enterprise Server at your own pace in this virtual classroom course! This exciting new format of BlackBerry® Training provides the same content as the in-class Administering and Supporting BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software course Parts 1 and 2. Get hands-on experience, including an e-tutor and virtual lab exercises, as you participate right from your desktop.

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BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2008 is July 9th - Are You Registered Yet?

No travel, no hotels, just one information-packed virtual seminar you attend from the comfort of your own office. Chat live with IT professionals from around the world, and see what leading experts have to say about wireless integration, synchronization, management and security.

Featuring specialized tracks for Administrators, Developers and – new this year – CIO-themed content for strategic planning!

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