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IT Leaders: Your Hard Work is About to Pay Off

RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Presents: The Speed of Innovation--How IT is Driving Change in the Mobile Workplace

Robin Bienfait, CIO at Research In Motion, presents a live webcast that explores the topic of intelligent mobility at the BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2008, in her keynote presentation, The Speed of Innovation: How IT is Driving Change in the Mobile Workplace.

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As an IT manager, you’ve proven the value of wireless solutions to your organizations. You’ve worked to consolidate, standardize, and centralize management, profiled your mobile users, and built the support infrastructure to meet the needs of mobile users.

You’re ready to take the next step, which involves extending core collaboration and workflow applications to your ever-growing mobile work force.

IT departments are poised to lead the way, by leveraging the power of your mobile solution to turn time and place transactions into measurable value for your business.

What would it mean if your mobile users could take advantage of unified communications features, collaboration software, CRM data, approvals processing, ordering, document editing and initiate the complete breadth of workflows that currently require them to be at their desk?

The Speed of Innovation: How IT is Driving Change in the Mobile Workplace

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Intelligent Mobility Makes It Possible
Intelligent mobility is about providing access to key applications that deliver positive user experiences without compromising security or putting undo strain on your networks and systems.

The applications that support workflows in your desktop environment can now operate seamlessly in the mobile space. What was once difficult, time consuming or impossible is now possible and achievable using the BlackBerry® solution.

What questions do you need to ask, and what actions do you need to take to lead your company toward full integration? Robin Bienfait, CIO at Research In Motion will show you during the live webcast, The Speed of Innovation: How IT is Driving Change in the Mobile Workplace.

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