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BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Part I:
More Control Over Telecom and Mobile Device Usage

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Gives IT Unprecedented Control Over Telecom and Mobile Device Usage

BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) lets you seamlessly extend enterprise calls and call control functionality to mobile devices. By giving IT the ability to route cell phone calls through the PBX system, the organization gains control of mobile calls, while enhancing the productivity and responsiveness of mobile workers.

What are the benefits for IT?

Maintain IT control over mobile phones and telecom systems
BlackBerry® smartphones are authenticated to the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, ensuring that only authorized persons are utilizing the features of the system or accessing services.

View a demo of BlackBerry Mobile Voice System

Telecom managers can also set policies that require all inbound and outbound calls to use the corporate phone number so calls can be routed through the PBX for logging or recording. As well, BlackBerry Enterprise Server wireless commands and policies enable asset tracking, reporting, password protection, call restrictions and other security functions.

Improve user productivity
According to Gartner, up to 75% of telephone calls go to voicemail.¹ BlackBerry MVS helps decrease voicemail volume by giving users the opportunity to answer calls to their enterprise number on their BlackBerry smartphone. Unanswered calls are sent to the corporate voicemail system so your users spend less time managing messages.

Leverage and add value to existing telecom systems
BlackBerry MVS unifies fixed line and mobile voice communications using the open, standards-based BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution platform and interfaces with heterogeneous voice infrastructures. It mobilizes all major TDM and IP-PBX systems, delivering consistent feature sets to BlackBerry smartphone users.

Turn phone numbers into corporate assets
IT can maintain better control over caller identity and phone numbers. Whether in or out of the office, workers can provide their customers and clients with one corporate phone number where they can be reached. If an employee leaves the company, the organization maintains the ownership of their phone number.

As well, workers placing outbound calls from their BlackBerry smartphone can do so knowing that their corporate identity will be displayed.

BlackBerry MVS benefits the users and the organization

BlackBerry MVS offers single number availability and simultaneous ringing of fixed and mobile phones, so you can help your workers be more accessible and responsive to colleagues and customers.

Using intuitive menu commands on BlackBerry smartphones, mobile workers can access many of the same voice features they use on their desk phones, such as initiating a conference call, and call transferring.

Salespeople can connect with busy prospects the moment they’re ready
For salespeople, being available to take incoming calls from key prospects is critical, but not always possible when callers dial their office number and get routed to office voicemail. If a busy, hard-to-reach senior executive phones a salesperson at your company but ends up reaching voicemail, the opportunity to advance the sale is lost, perhaps for good.

With BlackBerry MVS, that incoming call will ring on the salesperson’s BlackBerry smartphone, increasing the likelihood that the call is answered, and allowing the salesperson to address the client’s needs promptly.

Service professionals can track billable hours through PBX reporting tools
Service professionals like lawyers and accountants who track their time may forget to log each and every phone call throughout their busy schedules. With BlackBerry MVS enabled, all voice traffic in your enterprise goes through the corporate PBX – including calls from BlackBerry smartphones and other mobile phones.

By taking advantage of PBX reporting tools, mobile calls can now be tracked in addition to desk phone calls, relieving your service professionals and their assistants of the burden of remembering and documenting the duration of all phone conversations or reconciling calls on a cellular carrier phone bill several weeks after the fact.

Financial, insurance, and public corporations can better adhere to compliance regulations
Call recording and tracking gives financial and public companies audit capabilities for better adherence to compliance regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley.


Is BlackBerry MVS Right For Your Organization?

Here's how to find out:

1) Get a Technical Briefing on BlackBerry MVS by answering a few brief questions about your telecom environment.

2) Click here to learn more about BlackBerry MVS and view an online demonstration.

¹ Gartner: The Knowledge Worker Investment Paradox and Sage Research, TechTalk.

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