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Protect Your BlackBerry Smartphone with an OtterBox Case

Protect Your BlackBerry Smartphone with an OtterBox Case

BlackBerry® smartphones are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Knock your smartphone off your desk or accidently roll it across the room and chances are, you can pick it up and use it as though nothing happened. (Of course, we don't recommend you try this.)

But some accidents are a bit more extreme.

Mitchell Logue, for example, managed to drop his BlackBerry® Curve™ smartphone off the top of a 30-story building. And while BlackBerry smartphones are built to last, that type of abuse to an unprotected phone would certainly cause some problems. However, Logue used an Otterbox case to protect his smartphone, and once he retrieved it, it worked fine—apart from a few nicks and scratches. Now, Otterbox can’t guarantee the same result should you try to re-create this experiment, but Logue did protect his $300 dollar investment by using an Otterbox case.

Otterbox Case

If your organization deploys BlackBerry smartphones in the field, consider the cost benefits of protecting them with Otterbox cases. One company that has done this, Midwest Industrial Supply, estimates it saved almost $2,000 in phone replacements and repairs in just six months. Granted, the company works in some extreme conditions—it provides dust and erosion control, soil stabilization, and de-icing solutions—but Otterbox cases are used in a variety of industries and have helped many companies protect their hardware investment.

One such area is the health care industry. In addition to physically protecting your smartphone, the three-layer design of the Otterbox case provides another benefit: all three layers can be sanitized—an important consideration in health care settings—and the top layer can even be replaced.

The BlackBerry solution already provides best-in-class security for your data; if you want to protect your hardware investment as well, consider using Otterbox cases. To learn more, click here »

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