Custom Application Control Policies and How to Use Them

Custom Application Control Policies and How to Use Them

For when you need more nuanced control over BlackBerry smartphone apps

IT departments of all sizes are quickly becoming aware of custom application control policies as a way to control applications for BlackBerry® smartphones. Unlike their all-or-nothing IT policy cousins, application control policies offer subtle, case-by-case control over how applications behave.

For any given application, you can, for example, prevent it from accessing the server or from using Bluetooth®, allow limited functionality for some users but not others, or simply disallow the application altogether, to name just a few. The end result is happier employees, a more secure network, and more options for the IT department. In the right hands application control policies can be used as a force for good, not evil. This article looks at how.

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Why and How to Create BlackBerry Apps for Your Customers

Why and How to Create BlackBerry Apps for Your Customers

Start by focusing on your customers' wants and needs

“Go where the customers are” is a business truism that smart businesses relentlessly follow—especially in tough economic times. And 41 million BlackBerry smartphone users worldwide represent a huge pool of potential customers. The opportunity is there to extend your market reach by building them a BlackBerry smartphone app. This article offers a primer on why and how to make it happen.

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The Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones App Gets Better and Better

Why and How to Create BlackBerry Apps for Your Customers

Put on your tweeting cap because the new Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones app just got better with these new features:

  • Quote tweets for editing retweets
  • Auto complete for @ usernames: When you type an “@” followed by characters, the auto complete feature pops up a list of users as you type
  • View geotagged tweets: View locations of geotagged tweets on BlackBerry® Maps
  • Personal Info Guard: A warning appears when sharing personal information such as your email address, PIN, or phone number
  • New hotkeys for navigation have been added for lists, finding people, and more
  • Reply – R Reply all – L
    Page down – Space Retweet – F
    Compose – C Refresh – D
    Home – Alt+0 Mentions – Alt+1
    Lists – Alt+2 Profile – Alt+3
    Inbox – Alt+4 Find people – Alt+5
    Search – Alt+6 Popular topics – Alt+7
  • Report as spam lets you report users' tweets as spam
  • New photo features let you view tweeted photographs from Twitpic, Yfrog, and Tweetphoto™

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Calling All BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Users

Calling All BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Users

We want to share your success stories

Be among the first organizations using BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express to be showcased through the BlackBerry Customer Success Program. This is a terrific opportunity to be seen as a leader in your industry.

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Admin Tip: Wirelessly Deploy Third-Party Apps the Easy Way

From creating the application folder and software configuration, to assigning an application control policy, this month's admin tip explains the seven steps to wirelessly deploying third-party applications to BlackBerry smartphones.

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