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New Features Added to BlackBerry Enterprise Server

New Features Added to BlackBerry Enterprise Server

New much-anticipated features have been added to BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v5 Service pack 2. Highlights include single sign-on to simplify usability for administrators and end users. And users can now secure their BlackBerry® smartphones using the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager, including locking, deleting all data, or disabling their smartphone if lost or stolen.

Other new features include:

  • The BlackBerry Administration Service includes new default groups that have preconfigured roles and to which you can add different types of administrator accounts
  • You can now configure the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to prepopulate a maximum of 3,000 email messages and a maximum message age of 30 days
  • Streamlined service pack application—no need to install a new version of BlackBerry® Enterprise Transporter
  • The BlackBerry Messaging Agent now monitors the Junk folder as well as the Inbox for activation messages
  • The default body size of calendar entries that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server synchronizes with devices is now larger
  • New language support for Brazilian Portuguese, in addition to existing support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese

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