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Help Your End Users Help Themselves

Help Your End Users Help Themselves

In addition to sharing the links provided here, be sure to point users to the BlackBerry® Channel on YouTube. There, you’ll find step-by-step how-to videos covering a variety of frequently asked questions.


Your users want to get the most out of the BlackBerry calendar, but they may not be aware of the functions available to them. Point users to this page, where they can get an overview of calendar functions and shortcuts.

Media Cards & Device Memory

You—and your end users—should be concerned about the security of the data carried on mobile devices. What end users can carry—or whether they can carry external media cards at all is up to your organization’s IT policies. Give your users the information they need to make sure they understand the differences between onboard and removable data storage, as well as how to safely delete files: this information, and much more, is available here.

Ring Tones

It’s not the most important feature on a BlackBerry® smartphone, but definitely one of the most popular is how to change your ring tone. Rather than going through the same demo six times a day, pass along this link. Users can follow the steps to change their ring tone or download new ring tones (if your IT policies allow for this).


While some workplaces don’t allow cameras for security reasons, many corporations see the benefit of giving employees the power to document the completion of tasks or the state of a project when they are out of the office. Because of this, the camera has transformed from an add-on to a business tool. Help your users take better photos by pointing them here.

For video settings, point your users here.


Help keep users connected by teaching them to set Wi-Fi® profiles, install a root certificate, and much more. For all your Wi-Fi questions, point users here.

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Support Forums

The BlackBerry® Support Community Forums are a great place for your BlackBerry device users to get help—and a place for you to connect with other IT administrators. Do you have questions about BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions? Are you looking for support on devices or accessories? Visit the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.