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Admin Tip: Usage Reports at a Glance

The easier way to generate user statistics

Tips for IT Administrators

Bob is having an issue with his BlackBerry® smartphone. Naturally, you're going to want to analyze information about the performance of the BlackBerry smartphone and find the cause of the issue. To do that, you'll want to export his BlackBerry smartphone user statistics to a file that is easy to view. You may also need to do this for reporting purposes, or to study statistics, such as bandwidth usage. Whatever your reason for needing a closer look, you'll be happy to know BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v4.1 or later is designed to make this easier.

Here's what you'll see

The following fields are exported by default regardless of the columns displayed in the BlackBerry Manager.

  • Display Name
  • PIN
  • Enabled State
  • Forwarded
  • Sent from Device
  • Pending to Device
  • Expired Filtered
  • Mailbox DN

The following columns are displayed by default in the User tab.

  • Name
  • PIN
  • Status
  • Last Connect Time
  • Group Name
  • Server Name

To export statistics for multiple BlackBerry smartphone users, hold the ALT key and select the desired BlackBerry smartphone user accounts. If you need information that is not in the default fields, it will be necessary to use a script to extract the required information from the BlackBerry Configuration Database.

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