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LAN Airlines Adopts BlackBerry Connection to SAP for Executives

LAN Airlines Adopts BlackBerry Connection to SAP for Executives

As one of the largest Latin American airlines, LAN Airlines' executives travel continuously for external meetings and internal business, but to keep their business flying they also had to stay connected to their staff to approve purchases, authorize commissions or acquire new technology. The airlines had been using SAP® Enterprise Portal 6.0 since 2006 for managing the purchasing of plane parts, oil and gas, approving or denying vacation requests or service commissions among other tasks, but if an executive was out of the office, approvals had to wait.

Solution: Keep executives in secure contact with BlackBerry® smartphones.

Recently, LAN Airlines turned to a BlackBerry solution with BlackBerry Alliance Member Polo Sur, to keep executives connected to its SAP system and approving workflows from around the world.

After the airline distributed 300 BlackBerry smartphones to its executives, LAN, along with Polo Sur, created a mobile workflow application connected to its SAP system using web services. The application uses Java components, interfacing with the SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo), to communicate with BlackBerry smartphones via a Remote Function Call (RFC).

Executives avoid costly airline delays

With BlackBerry smartphones, LAN Airlines' executives can quickly respond to business needs and avoid timely delays. As an added bonus, LAN Airlines is looking to provide additional web services to allow executives mobile access to news, flight information, on-time indicators, and passenger and crew information, to keep them better informed.

The result has been an overall increase in the speed of LAN Airlines' approval process and keeping the airlines flying smoothly.

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