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Let Your BlackBerry Smartphone Help You Keep New Year's IT Resolutions

Let Your BlackBerry smartphone Help you Keep New Year's IT Resolutions

Time management, staying limber, proving to the boss how expensive a meeting is, BlackBerry App World™ has the tools IT professionals need to keep sane in 2010.

It's almost the start of a new year, and maybe it's time to think about how you spend your time as a busy IT professional. And since you're an IT professional, you know that technology can help you handle any problem, right?

Well, maybe not. But if you're making New Year's resolutions about how you deal with your many IT responsibilities, your BlackBerry® smartphone can help. We’ve put together a sampling of apps from BlackBerry App World to help you stay in shape, keep in touch and potentially avoid some boring meetings.

Herding all the cats

BlackBerry App World

- If you've got clients and teammates spread across the country or world, but need to keep in-touch with them no matter where they are, check out Upvise by Unyverse Pte Ltd, or DaToMo by TrueContext Corporation. Both are free apps for collecting and sharing information on projects, tasks and sales to multiple BlackBerry smartphones.

Your Precious Time

- If your boss wants you to keep track of your time or billable hours worked on a project, you might want ReportAway - Simple Time and Expense Reporting by Acire Systems Inc. for $8.99 US, or miTimesheet by loopSpin Inc. for $2.99 US.

- Seriously, why can't people log their help desk tickets online? If your clients require a lot of hands on help via the phone, charge them for that time with the free Call Time Tracker by momentem by Redwood Technologies Inc.

- And if you're stuck in another boring meeting, and want to explain to the boss just how much money the company wasted by keeping you there, the new Meeting Cost Calculator by Funkzilla Mobile may work for you. The free app estimates the actual monetary cost of a meeting on your schedule.

Don’t just sit there!

- And let's face it, most IT professionals' schedules don’t let them get away from their desk as often as they should, even with a BlackBerry smartphone to stay mobile, so you might want to check out Stretches At Desk by Dawnsun Technologies, LLC.

- If your resolution is one of the most popular, and difficult, resolutions… the one that stymies most of those to take it on, there's an app to help you stop smoking too, at No Smoking by Keats Pascoe. Worth the price of $9.99 US considering how much money you'll save not buying cigarettes.

- And because you're never going to lose weight unless you manage your diet, get Calorie Counter by FatSecret for free, or Fast Food Calorie Counter by Mobigloo LLC, for $4.99 US.

- No, really… don't just sit there. Get up from your desk and use Total Fitness by MOBITEQ for $4.99 US, BiM Active by Bones in Motion, Inc. for free, or FitDeck Mobile by mobileXware LLC, for $7.99 US

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New Year, New BlackBerry?

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