Keep Connected with Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones

Greg Stark, a fourth-year business student, is more than enthusiastic about Facebook®. Over the past two years, he has used the site to stay connected with over 200 friends. But if he was away from his laptop, he could only check his Facebook messages through the Facebook mobile site, and even then, functionality was limited. Now, with Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones, Greg stays continuously connected to Facebook virtually wherever he goes. "Facebook is always on in the background, letting me use my BlackBerry® smartphone to reply to messages, tag photos, write wall posts, and make sure I'm aware when events are happening, even if I'm not at home or on my laptop," explains Greg. "It's as easy to use as typing an email on my BlackBerry smartphone. Once you login the first time, your password is saved and you're always connected."

Don't think Facebook is for you? Think again. Facebook is increasingly popular for maintaining personal and professional connections. And while early adopters of Facebook were university students, adults 35 years of age and up are among the fastest-growing user groups. If that's your demographic group, you may find that you're poked by Facebook friends more and more often.

Free and Easy Download

It's incredibly easy to use Facebook from your BlackBerry smartphone. From your BlackBerry smartphone home screen click on the Help icon or launch your web browser, go to and download the application. Or on, look up Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones, download the application and you're connected.

Download now and, once you've logged in for the first time, your BlackBerry smartphone will keep you connected to Facebook 24/7, allowing you to:

  • View the full text of messages and wall posts
  • See who's poking you or tagging you in photos
  • Accept friend requests
  • Send messages, wall posts, pokes and friend requests
  • Get full access to your Facebook contacts
  • Post photos snapped with your BlackBerry smartphone and tag friends' photos
  • Receive home screen notifications

When news happens in your circle of Facebook contacts, you'll know about it immediately because you'll have full, wireless access to your friends list from anywhere you go.

Greg Stark participated in the beta test of Facebook on his BlackBerry smartphone for two months. As an active, long-time Facebook user, he provided great feedback that ensured the new application would work smoothly in the real world, before it went live. He finds the Facebook experience on his BlackBerry smartphone really convenient and easy to use.

"I can reply to Facebook messages right away," he explains. "My friends were taken aback, saying, 'Wow, this guy is really on top of what's happening!' If I'm out at night, with Facebook on my BlackBerry smartphone, I make sure I'm included on what people are doing."

Not yet a member of Facebook? With the launch of this exciting new BlackBerry application, it's a great time to get started. If you're active, mobile and want to stay in touch with friends and colleagues, Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones is an ideal way to share messages, photos and keep people in your life up-to-date. To get connected, go to To download the Facebook for BlackBerry application to your BlackBerry smartphone, from your BlackBerry® Browser go to or at search for the application, Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones.

System Requirements:

Facebook for BlackBerry requires a BlackBerry smartphone with a wireless service data plan, 64 MB of memory, 170 KB of available memory, using BlackBerry® Device Software Version 4.2 or later, and a Facebook account (one can be obtained by visiting Facebook for BlackBerry is not available for BlackBerry® Internet Service Lite subscribers.

To use Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, you must change the email address to which Facebook sends notifications to an email address associated with the BlackBerry smartphone. From within the Facebook account, you should turn on those notifications you wish to receive on your BlackBerry smartphone. After your first login, your password is saved and you're always connected. If you remove your battery or hard set your BlackBerry smartphone, you will have to login again.

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