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Start 2009 with a Wellness Program Using Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Taking care of your body allows you to work harder and enjoy your life, but you don’t have to hire a personal trainer to make sure you stay on top of your game. Turn your BlackBerry® smartphone into your own digital coach with these downloadable applications, some of which require a fee. They can help you monitor your exercise plans, wellness goals and sporting achievements without the added challenge of tracking appointments and workouts on your own.

Plan your route
AllSport GPS Recording the details of your workout can help you stick to your exercise regimen while viewing the results of your hard work. Use the AllSport GPS to monitor the distance you travel, the route you choose and the calories you burn. Download maps directly to your BlackBerry smartphone to plot the coordinates for your next outdoor trek.

Stay in shape
Ascendo Fitness Calculators Working out and eating right? Great! But are you really in shape? Ascendo Fitness Calculators will answer that question and more. It includes ten fitness ratios often used by health care professionals to determine whether you are physically fit. All take into account your height, weight and body type. You can even use the “FitCalc” to set goals and objectives for a diet and exercise plan - and then, measure your progress.

Lose weight
Sensei For Weight Loss Trying to lose a few pounds? Get the help of a weight loss coach with Sensei For Weight Loss, available for your BlackBerry smartphone. You tell Sensei what you want to eat and the activities you want – or don’t want – in your life. The application then develops a weight loss program that is tailored to you - a program you can use, wherever you are. Plus, Sensei provides timely advice and encouragement along the way.

Keep health records
Tolven It’s important for health providers to have the latest information on you to help them with their decision-making. You can keep all this information on-hand using Tolven, an electronic Personal Health Record. Tolven lets you create, store and share healthcare information about yourself or other people you are looking after. And thanks to Tolven, you will be able to avoid that time-consuming task of completing forms at your doctor’s office. That’s because the information will
now be available online.

Track your workouts
Gym Technik Imagine being able to use your smartphone as your workout journal. You can do just that, with Gym Technik, an innovative online service. Gym Technik tracks the weights you are using, reps and your body stats - while you’re working out. Then you can store the information online. What’s more, you can use your BlackBerry smartphone to access workout routines from the extensive online exercises library.

Stretch your legs
Trimble Outdoors Use your BlackBerry smartphone to plan your trips before you set foot on your next hike or camping trip. The Trimble Outdoors application allows you to share your itinerary with your fellow travelers, upload trip journals and access Google® Earth to track your next outdoor adventure through satellite imagery and video clips.


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