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Go Hands-Free: Your Guide to Hands-Free Accessories And Applications

Your briefcase. Groceries. Dry cleaning. You already have enough stuff in your hands throughout the day.

Now go hands-free thanks to the latest accessories and applications that allow you to make calls on your smartphone or even get directions simply by using your voice.

BlackBerry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset

Wireless headsets such as the BlackBerry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset make tangled cords a thing of the past - and let you do other things with your hands – like opening a door, or drinking a double espresso latte, while you’re on your smartphone. No more struggling with what you’re carrying while you’re making, or taking, a call. And this compact headset
also delivers on performance. It offers both DSP and AudioIQ®
technology that serve up incredible clarity and allow for
secure conversations.

Bury Automotive Cradle with Windshield Mount

Then there’s a Bury Automotive Cradle with Windshield Mount that answers the age-old question, "Where did I put my smartphone again?" This handy, easy to install cradle makes your device easy to find. Use the mount with a mono Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth car kit or speakerphone and you’re ready for voice calls – and ready to get to where you’re going safely, with your hands on the wheel and your eyes
focused on the road ahead.

Garmin Mobile

Roads change. Construction happens. How do you know what’s the best route to go? There’s a hands-free solution that’s all about making your life easier and that uses the latest GPS technology to dial-in your location error-free. Garmin Mobile for your BlackBerry smartphone, let’s you find the fastest route available, minus the headaches. It’s a veritable
electronic sherpa, guiding you with step-by-step spoken
instructions along the way.


Use voice commands with Vlingo, a convenient new application let’s you talk to your smartphone and have it understand you. Send and reply to email and text messages.  Dial the phone. Look up contacts. Send a note to self. And control other mobile information. Vlingo also gives you the ability to launch cool third party programs including Facebook®
and Google Maps®.

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