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How to Throw a Winning Super Bowl Bash

The Super Bowl means food, drinks, rabid fans, and parties. With the big game on February 7 we have picked five mobile ideas to help you throw a killer Super Bowl bash. Serious football fans, we've also included two apps you simply must have.

1. Plan a super menu


Plan your menu at by Go to this free mobile website from your BlackBerry® Browser. You will find more than 40,000 tasty recipes with ingredient lists, instructions, and photographs. Best of all, you can search for ingredients while in the grocery store. No more printing (or worse, writing) recipes.

Want ideas? Try searching for “super bowl” to get dozens of party recipes. Our menu will feature Super Bowl bites (miniature burgers), bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese, restaurant-style buffalo chicken wings, and chips with mango-mania salsa. »

2. If BBQ is your game...

Bill's Barbeque Assistant

Grill masters will appreciate Bill's Barbeque Assistant ($3.99 US). This handy app features recipes, grilling advice, cooking temperatures, and even a timer that tells you when to turn over those sausages.

Bill's Barbeque Assistant »


3. The bartender's helper

If you plan to serve more than just beer, then download EasyBartender ($3.99 US). This app's more than 9,000 alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink recipes should give you plenty of ideas.

EasyBartender »

Trivial Pursuit

4. Hold a halftime trivia contest

Bored with halftime shows? Why not throw a trivia contest with Trivial Pursuit®? For $6.99 US you get all the fun and excitement of the original board game. Try the new Pursuit Mode as your guests race against the clock to be first across the finish line.

Trivial Pursuit »

BlackBerry Maps

5. Send your invitees a map of the party's location with BlackBerry® Maps

Did you know you can send a map of your party's location to your contacts? You can send a map by email, MMS, PIN, messenger contact, or share it on Facebook®.*

Follow these steps:

  1. To save time, first add your party's invitees to a mailing list in Contacts.
  2. In BlackBerry Maps, find your party's location.
  3. On the map, press the Menu key.
  4. Click Send Directions or Send Location.
  5. Click a message type.
  6. Add your mailing list from Step 1.

Need more party ideas? Check out the Entertainment category in BlackBerry App World™.

Serious football fans, these apps are for you

CBS Sports Pro Football

Is the Super Bowl more than just a get-together with friends? Do you dream about the game waking and sleeping? If yes, then these apps are especially for you.

First, download CBS Sports Pro Football (free). CBS is the network broadcasting the Super Bowl this year. You can read streaming NFL headlines and news analysis. Get updated injury reports, player statistics, and league leaders. And you can watch highlight videos and see team profiles, including rosters, depth charts, and news.

National Football Post

Second, if mainstream sports outlets just aren't enough, try the National Football Post (free). This app is for football fans who cannot get enough gridiron news. Top football columnists go beyond the headlines with game strategies, x and o analysis, scouting news, and much more. An RSS feed keeps you updated on your favorite teams.

* To send maps you need a wireless data plan from your carrier and BlackBerry® Device Software v4.1 or higher.

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