Have Photos, Will Share!

Instant Photo Sharing from Your BlackBerry Smartphone

It's never been easier to share your experiences and memories with the people in your life, thanks to the convenience of the camera that's included in many BlackBerry® smartphones.

And with the latest mobile photo sharing options, you can upload, post, email or instant message these images, as they happen. Here are just a few of your options.

Instant Messaging: Yahoo! Messenger

Instant Photo Sharing from Your BlackBerry SmartphoneThe next generation of Instant Messaging (IM) services now includes photo sharing from your BlackBerry smartphone. You can use Yahoo!® Messenger to share photos with your friends.1

Select photos from a picture gallery on your BlackBerry smartphone to share, or send photos directly after taking them with the camera on your BlackBerry smartphone — all from within your IM conversation.

Imagine you're at a store and you've seen something a friend would love. Take a picture of it with your BlackBerry smartphone, start an IM conversation, and in one easy click include the picture in your conversation.

www.blackberry.com/instantmessaging/ >>

Don't forget, email is still a great way to send photos as attachments as well.


Send pictures to Facebook with your BlackBerryFacebook is increasingly popular for maintaining personal and professional connections. And Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones is an ideal way to share photos and keep people in your life up-to-date.

Simply snap a picture with your BlackBerry smartphone camera, then post it to Facebook with one click. You can even tag friends in photos and share the experience.

To get connected, go to www.blackberry.com/facebook >>

Roxio® Media Manager

Roxio for BlackBerryIt's easy to manage photo, video and music files with Roxio® Media Manager1. To transfer photos to, or from, your BlackBerry smartphone, you simply connect your device to your computer using its USB cable. Then drag and drop the images you want to save to your device, its micro SD memory card or to your desktop.

There are even built-in editing tools that make it easy to crop, remove redeye and change the quality of your photos on your desktop computer.

1 Requires BlackBerry Desktop Software v4.2 service pack 2.

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