12 Ways to Get the Most from Your BlackBerry Smartphone Camera

12 Ways to Get the Most from Your BlackBerry Smartphone CameraThe latest BlackBerry® smartphones come equipped with cameras that include a digital zoom function, a built-in flash, and lighting options. They're perfect for capturing spur-of-the-moment events. In this issue of BlackBerry® Connection®, we show you how to take better pictures—and avoid common mistakes—plus provide some additional tips on how to organize, share, and edit your images.

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Get Ready for BlackBerry App World

Coming soon! Find tons of great applications designed for your BlackBerry smartphone in one convenient place - BlackBerry App World™. Personalize your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networks, personal productivity applications and so much more. Message your best friend, track the stock market, or channel your inner rock god.

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Stream Music and Video to Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Take advantage of your BlackBerry® smartphone's multimedia capabilities. With the help of these applications you can find, organize, and stream music and video.


Slacker for BlackBerry Smartphones
Slacker for BlackBerry smartphones lets you choose from dozens of professionally programmed stations-or create a personalized station that will focus on the music you love, for free. You can also side-load stations onto your BlackBerry smartphone, letting you listen to your favorite music when you're outside your service area. (Note: currently available only in the U.S.)
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Strands Social Player
Get it here first! The Strands Social Player is a music player that lets you discover new music, shows cover art, and has a built-in social network. You can meet people who like the same songs you play, send messages, see others' listening history, and much more....
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SlingPlayer Mobile
Control your TV from your BlackBerry smartphone with SlingPlayer Mobile. With SlingPlayer Mobile and a Slingbox you can watch everything that's available on your home TV on your BlackBerry smartphone. You can even control your DVR from your smartphone.

To download a 30-day free trial version of SlingPlayer Mobile, visit http://mobile.slingmedia.com/ from your BlackBerry smartphone.

With a MobiTV subscription, you have access to dozens of TV stations, including programming created by premium cable outlets such as Showtime, broadcast TV networks, and specialty stations focused on sports, comedy, and news. To see what you could be watching on your BlackBerry smartphone, follow the link to the MobiTV site.
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Slacker for BlackBerry

Strands for BlackBerry

Slingbox for BlackBerry

Mobitv for BlackBerry

Tips & Tricks: Camera Settings

Our feature article in this issue of BlackBerry Connection describes how to get the most out of the camera included with your BlackBerry smartphone. In Tips & Tricks, we dig deeper and provide step-by-step instructions on how to master all of the options the camera offers.

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BlackBerry Pearl outside camera

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