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If You Own Your BlackBerry Smartphone, Read This

If You Own Your BlackBerry Smartphone, Read This

Introducing a new way to get your work email, calendar, and contacts on your personal smartphone

If you own your own BlackBerry® smartphone, we've got exciting news you will want to hear. In less than a week Research In Motion will be launching a new product that lets you connect your personal BlackBerry smartphone to your work email, calendar, contact list, notes, memos, and more. It’s all synchronized over the air—meaning that you do not need to do a desktop synch to update this information. Just ask your IT department to set up the new BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express—it is a free download.

Why this matters to you

This is big news if you carry two smartphones, the one for work and the one for your personal life, or if you have been wanting the benefits and freedom of having full email, calendar, and contact synch on your personal BlackBerry smartphone. Many, many readers tell us they would love "to get their work email on their personal BlackBerry smartphone." Now you can!

Here are a few of the things you can do:

  • Connect to your work email with such advanced features as organizing and filing mail folders, setting follow-up flags, and search
  • See your work calendar and check the free/busy status of your colleagues on the go, make appointments, and set reminders
  • Look up work contacts, check addresses on the road, send emails, and place calls
  • Access work applications and files from behind your network firewall

Tell your company it is a FREE product

The new product is called BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. It exists to make the BlackBerry solution accessible to all, within any sized organization. It is a free download designed to give you access to the applications and tools you need to get things done, like email, calendar, contacts, remote file access, and even your core business applications. It is easy to set up, and it doesn’t compromise on security and manageability for IT departments.

Your IT person can click here for more information »

* If BlackBerry Enterprise Express is installed on the same server hardware as Microsoft Exchange Server, then there is a limit of 75 users. For greater than 75 users, it can be installed on a separate server. So you can add or remove users as needed, without worrying about licensing fees.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

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