What's New for IM on BlackBerry Smartphones

What's New for IM on BlackBerry Smartphones

If you're a fan of instant messaging, the experience just got even better on BlackBerry® smartphones. Now you can enjoy more choice in messaging services, more functionality between applications on your device, and great new features like picture sharing and avatars.

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Announcing the OFFICIAL BlackBerry Support Community Forums!

Connect with other BlackBerry users to troubleshoot, ask questions, share product reviews and more on the BlackBerry Support Community Forums from Research In Motion (RIM).

Plug into a worldwide knowledge-sharing community with questions and answers on many topics, including specific BlackBerry smartphone models, BlackBerry® Internet Service, enterprise solutions, and more, to help find answers to your most pressing technical issues.

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http://supportforums.blackberry.com »

The OFFICIAL BlackBerry Support Community Forums!

Have You Seen the New Look of shopblackberry.com?

A new look, more convenient ways to make your purchase, more information on the products that enhance use of your BlackBerry smartphone — just some of the reasons to visit the recently re-launched shopblackberry.com.

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The New Look of shopblackberry.com

Guitar Hero III Mobile for BlackBerry

Admit it: you've always wanted to be a rock star. Now you can peel off the licks, riffs and solos that make the crowds go wild with Guitar Hero III Mobile on your BlackBerry smartphone. From the garage to the arena, work your way up to Rock Star status — no musical knowledge required!

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Tips & Tricks: Increase Your Media Portability

Want to transfer your favorite videos or songs from your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer? Or load your smartphone with media files from your computer? Click through for some helpful tips to get you on your way.

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Tips & Tricks: Increase Your Media Portability

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