Take a Look at the New shopblackberry.com!

You’ll notice a difference next time you visit shopblackberry.com for the latest BlackBerry® smartphone products and accessories. The popular site has been revamped to streamline your shopping experience and make it easy to equip yourself with that new case, headset or spare battery.

Tailor-made shopping

Do you need a new case for your BlackBerry® Curve™ smartphone? On the revamped site, you get a customized approach to finding what you need. To start shopping, you begin by selecting your BlackBerry smartphone from the complete range of BlackBerry smartphones listed on the homepage. Once you do that, all the products and accessories you see are the ones only designed for your model – making your search convenient and direct.

Since every user is different – some of us are all business, while others put playfulness first – the site offers another level of customization. You choose from a selection of products that fit your kind of lifestyle: For the Office, For Fun or For Style.

Say you want something For Fun for your BlackBerry Curve smartphone. Once you make that selection, you’ll be directed to products like colorful skins that will make a statement every time you use them. Or if you need something For the Office, you’ll find a selection of chargers or security accessories.

Of course, if you aren’t interested in browsing, you can just go directly to pages for individual product categories, like batteries, chargers or whatever you need. The enhanced Search feature allows you to zero in on specific items.

Learn More About the Products

The product pages have been changed to offer more information to help you make your choice. You’ll find a detailed, helpful explanation of the accessory's features next to its picture.

A new color selector creates a more efficient product layout and allows you to change the color of your desired case or skin. For example, if the case you’re interested in is shown in black, you can change it to red and see exactly what that will look like on the screen.

Top Picks and Keep Me Posted Service

If you like to keep on top of the latest products for BlackBerry smartphones, the site now includes a Top Picks section. See what other users are buying so you don’t miss out on something that can make your BlackBerry smartphone more useful or enjoyable to have around.

From time to time, a product will temporarily be out of stock. To make it more convenient and save on having to check back, you can sign up online for news of when your accessory is available again. You’ll get an email notifying you when your item is back in stock and a 'Buy Now' link to make a fast, easy purchase.

Make the Most of Your New Shopping Experience

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