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Tour BlackBerry App WorldBlackBerry® App World™ is your one-stop shop for BlackBerry® smartphone apps. At BlackBerry App World, you can search for, learn about, download, and rate BlackBerry smartphone applications. In this issue of BlackBerry® Connection® we take you on a tour of BlackBerry App World and feature some of the apps available now.

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BlackBerry Questions? We Have Answers

Are you taking advantage of all the features your BlackBerry® smartphone offers? Can you set profiles? Download a ring tone? Manage your network connections? You hold the answers to these questions—and many others—right in your hand. With BlackBerry Answers, you can find the BlackBerry smartphone information you need when you need it.

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BlackBerry Answers

Update Your Device Software

Are you running the latest version of BlackBerry® Device Software? If not, you’re not taking full advantage of your smartphone. BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 provides a new interface, improved email layout, and much more. To get the latest update, click here.

For system requirements of BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 click here

Update Device Software

New! BlackBerry Media Sync Now Supports Windows Media Player

BlackBerry® Media Sync 2.0 now supports Windows Media Player, allowing you to sync the music on your desktop with your BlackBerry smartphone via Windows Media Player. If you’re already using BlackBerry Media Sync 2.0, you’ll receive a message to update the next time you launch the app. If you don’t use BlackBerry Media Sync yet, it’s time to get started. For more information and to download the app, click here.

Media Sync

Tips & Tricks: Video Settings

In last month’s BlackBerry® Connection®, we focused on how to take better photographs with your BlackBerry® smartphone and how to master the camera settings. This month, we delve into video settings—showing you how to easily take, save, share videos and more. (Video features minimum system requirements.)

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Tips & Tricks: Video Settings

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