10 Apps for a Better, Healthier You

10 Apps for a Better, Healthier You

These diet and fitness apps will whip you into shape

Having trouble sticking to a fitness routine and healthy diet? Well, we have a solution. Here are 10 of our favorite fitness and diet apps from BlackBerry App World™. These winners go beyond calorie counters and workout trackers. You can track your mileage with AllSport GPS. Or watch exercise demonstrations with Pocket Trainer. And even exercise at your desk with Office Workouts, to name just a few.

Download these apps to your BlackBerry® smartphone and you will be on the road to a better, healthier you.

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Boom Boom Pow

Boom Boom Pow

The Black Eyed Peas World Tour 2010

BlackBerry presents The Black Eyed Peas on tour with concert dates all over the world. Check out The Black Eyed Peas page on BlackBerry.com for tour dates, locations, tour footage, and behind-the-scenes videos. Don’t miss the “BBMe Freestyle” videos from the various concert dates where concert-goers get to BlackBerry® Messenger with Will.I.Am at the show!

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Free “All You Need Is Love” song
Get the song everyone is talking about—free—on your BlackBerry smartphone. Visit www.blackberry.com/allyouneedislove from your smartphone to download.

Turn off the Lights this Saturday at 8:30 pm for Earth Hour

Turn off the Lights this Saturday at 8:30 pm for Earth Hour

New WWF Earth Hour app connects you with the worldwide conservation event

Join people from all over the world by turning off your lights for one hour at 8:30 pm on Saturday, March 27 for Earth Hour. As the lights switch off around the world, stay connected by downloading the WWF Earth Hour app (free) from the World Wildlife Fund, the global conservation group.

Get news, local event information, and join the movement as supporters prepare for the big day. During Earth Hour you can countdown with WWF, see photos of darkened cities across the globe, and submit your own photos as you connect with people from all over the world.

And get the new flickering WWF Earth Hour theme for $2.99, with 80 percent of the purchase price donated to the WWF.

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Tips & Tricks: Three Surefire Ways to Make Phone Dialing Easier

Tips & Tricks: Three Surefire Ways to Make Phone Dialing Easier

Use speed dial for contacts and for auto dialing your voice mail, and learn how to call contacts' work extensions

Do you call contacts using speed dial? What about speed dialing your voice mail? Have you formatted contacts to dial work extensions? If you answered “no” to any of these questions this article is for you. These three simple tips will make phone calls many, many times easier.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Support Forums

The BlackBerry® Support Community Forums are a great place for your BlackBerry device users to get help—and a place for you to connect with other IT administrators. Do you have questions about BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions? Are you looking for support on devices or accessories? Visit the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.