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What Can You Do With GPS on Your BlackBerry Smartphone?

GPS technology is built right into many new BlackBerry® smartphone models. Maybe you’ve used GPS on your BlackBerry smartphone to get step-by-step driving directions, but what else can you do with GPS? This article shows you some of the fun and interesting applications available for download, and explains how GPS technology actually works!

Driving Directions with BlackBerry Maps

Planning a road trip? With GPS capabilities and BlackBerry® Maps, you can plan your route and view it, roadmap-style, in full color on your BlackBerry smartphone. Or, use BlackBerry Maps to get step-by-step driving directions to restaurants, movie theatres, business appointments, or virtually any other destination you want to visit. You can also build a list of your favorite destinations for easy reference. The BlackBerry Maps application is built into your phone, so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

WorldMate Live
Turn-By-Turn and Enhanced Directions

Other GPS applications bring colorful 3-D moving maps, turn-by-turn spoken voice directions and more to your BlackBerry smartphone. With some applications, you can be automatically re-routed around road construction, and use location-based services to do things like search for the lowest fuel prices in proximity to where you are! They can also include millions of predefined, searchable points of interest. So if you’re away from home and feel like dinner at a Chinese restaurant, just perform a quick local search in the application and you’ll soon be on your way. Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry and TeleNav GPS Navigator are two applications that provide some of these enhanced features. Available on a subscription basis.

What Else Can You Do with GPS and Location-Based Services?

Do even more with these third party GPS applications for your BlackBerry smartphone!

Some GPS applications like AllSport GPS are designed to track your movement and record your times when you’re running, walking, and mountain biking. You can chart your progress whether you’re training for an upcoming race, or just trying to keep track of your personal performance.


Geocaching is an increasingly popular outdoor treasure-hunting game that’s played throughout the world. The Geocache Navigator application lets you download the locations of all the hidden treasures (called geocaches) closest to you, and then provides a set of tools to find them.

Outdoor Adventure

Trimble Outdoors is a downloadable application that lets you use your BlackBerry smartphone as a navigation device and a journaling tool. You can use it to download maps of your terrain, and view your route in 3D with Google® Earth.

How Does GPS Technology Work?

The GPS receiver in your BlackBerry smartphone sends radio signals to GPS satellites orbiting the earth. In order to pinpoint your location, your GPS receiver needs to communicate with three satellites simultaneously ( there are 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth).

Knowing the locations of the three satellites, and the distance between those satellites, the GPS receiver in GPS-enabled BlackBerry smartphones is able to mathematically determine its position in relation to those satellites and, in doing so, pinpoints your precise location on earth.

Check with your local wireless carrier to see what GPS services and applications they provide and subscription fees where applicable. Visit for new GPS applications as they become available »

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