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Featured Apps

Connecting & Sharing

Your BlackBerry® smartphone lets you stay connected—and the apps we’re featuring in this issue of BlackBerry Connection® newsletter make it even easier. Highlights this month include a major Facebook® update, an app that simplifies media sharing, and an app that let’s you keep track of how your elected officials are voting.

Facebook The new Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones app keeps you up to date on everything your friends are doing.

NEW! Facebook v1.6 for BlackBerry® smartphones

This major update brings increased functionality to Facebook on your BlackBerry smartphone. Highlights include:

• Feed Support

You can now view your news feed and the highlight sidebar on the home page. Keep up with your friends’ activities, including status updates, photos, photo tags, wall posts, and more.

• Wall Viewing

View your friends’ walls—and your own—without going to the mobile site. Message your friends, comment on their activities, or post on their walls.

Facebook PhotoViewer The new photo viewer allows you to scroll through albums.

• Photo Viewing

Access your friends’ photo albums and linked photos. This update also provides a more appealing way to view photo albums—and you can now click on a photo thumbnail from anywhere in the application.

Check back next issue for a full walkthrough of all the new features. Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v1.6 is a free download—and it’s available now on BlackBerry App World™ ».


vPost Send video, audio, and pictures all within one app with vPost.

With vPost, you can capture pictures, video, voice notes and text as well as tag your location and then email this information or post it to a blog or social networking site, including Picasa, Flickr®, and Facebook, as well as Blogger and Wordpress sites. vPost simplifies the sharing of information—whether it’s videos from your vacation or information related to your work on a job site—by allowing you to collect and transmit media within one application. The basic edition is free and can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World ». To learn more about vPost, go to the official site » .

Visible Vote Mobile

Visible Vote Mobile Visible Vote Mobile lets you keep track of your legislators.

Do the people you elected to office have your best interests in mind? With Visible Vote Mobile, you can keep track of how elected officials are voting. With the app, you can track votes, see how often your representatives in Congress agree with you, and easily send emails to let them know how you are feeling about their job performance. Visible Vote currently tracks only members of the United States Congress. Find it on BlackBerry App World ».

*Visible Vote Mobile is only available in the U.S.

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