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Why We Love the New Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones App

Why We Love the New Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones App

The new Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones app is available now as a free download from BlackBerry App World™. The app includes the features you would expect for tweeting on the go, including search, find people, mentions, lists, direct messaging, and following. You can of course also view profiles and make updates. To celebrate the app's arrival we have put together lists of things we love about tweeting on a BlackBerry® smartphone.


  1. Twitter is better on the go: Twitter works best when you can make updates right when thoughts pop in your head. So when you put Twitter on your BlackBerry smartphone, you get the immediacy Twitter is known for.
  2. Get tweets as soon as they arrive: Tweets and direct messages are automatically delivered to your BlackBerry smartphone—no need to connect through a browser.
  3. Share photos and links: Post a link from your BlackBerry® Browser or take a funny picture and upload it from your BlackBerry smartphone camera.
  4. A great way to pass time: Next time you have a few minutes to kill check out the “Popular Topics” feature in the app. It is a fun cure for the waiting-around blues. It is fascinating to see what people from all over the world are talking about. We especially enjoy #Nowplaying, a feed to which thousands of people tweet the song they are listening to.
  5. Find people twittering near you: Connect with nearby tweeters by using the proximity search feature. Type in a name or phrase, set the distance from 1–100 miles from your current location, and up pops a list of fellow tweeters.

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  1. Ask questions, get answers: Twitter is great for asking for help. You could, for example, ask your followers how to cook a soufflé or how to change a tire.
  2. Referrals: Need an honest mechanic or a gentle dentist? Ask your followers for help. Need a vegetarian restaurant in Topeka? Ask that too.
  3. Good causes: Twitter has become a communications tool for social movements the world over. The recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile are good examples, during which Twitter connected far-flung families and helped people make donations.
  4. Shopping, especially sales: Follow your favorite retailers for updates on sales, giveaways, and contests. Then use BlackBerry® Maps to find the nearest store locations.
  5. Spontaneous meet-ups: Take advantage of mobility by broadcasting your location. Examples: Send everyone a tweet to meet up at a favorite happy hour spot. At a ballgame, tweet your seat location. You might be surprised how many friends pop in to say hello.

Why We Love the New Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones App
Figure 1. Train commuters in action


The Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones app can be very useful when combined with the wisdom of mobile crowds. Many train commuters, for example, are spontaneously forming Twitter groups to broadcast train information such as delays or where the empty seats are located. Those kinds of group updates can only be done with mobile smartphones.


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