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Share Your Photos with the World with FlickrTM Uploader for BlackBerry Smartphones

Fans of FlickrTM know it’s a fast, easy way to put photos online to share with family and friends. The new Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry® smartphones means you can now organize, customize and share your photos – all from your smartphone, as soon as you take them! 1,2,3

It’s easy to post pictures to FlickrTM from just about anywhere using your BlackBerry® smartphone. Snap a picture, save it to your choice of photo album, tag it, and even adjust its size. Then post it with just a few quick clicks (see the quick usage guide below). The photos are virtually automatically uploaded to your online Flickr album.

Conveniently Manage Your Albums
This mobile photo uploader is designed to offer the same features and functions you’re used to using on your computer. And, because of the familiar BlackBerry smartphone keyboard, menus and prompts, it’s easy to learn, fun to use and it’s free.4

Keep it Personal
Like the Flickr desktop application, you can personalize your online photos directly from your BlackBerry smartphone. It’s easy to add notes or captions under your photos, or tag the images so they can be easily sorted by category. Tagging images makes it easier to sort your pictures later, or to share with friends or fellow online bloggers who are using similar tags.

X Marks the Spot
If you’re using a BlackBerry smartphone with GPS capabilities you can also geotag images so that people who look at your pictures can tell where you uploaded them.5

The Perfect Marriage of the Smartphone and Camera
Flickr Uploader for the BlackBerry smartphone brings together the convenience of mobile communications with the immediacy of photo sharing.


Using Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry Smartphones

Uploading from the media gallery on your BlackBerry smartphone

Click the picture you want to upload.

Select the Send to Flickr menu item.

Add a title to identify it, a description if you like, and tag it for sorting or finding it online.

Tags categorize pictures, making it easy for other Flickr users to find pictures. Tags also associate your pictures with other users who have taken pictures of the same subject.

Click send and Flickr Uploader will send the photo to your Flickr account.


You can set privacy levels for your pictures to control who can see them online. There are five levels of privacy: Public, Friends, Family, Friends and Family, or Public.

You may want to resize your pictures to different sizes and picture quality. The Original option sends the picture to Flickr in the original size that the picture was taken in. There is also a Medium (500 pixel width maximum) and Small (240 pixel width) option. Resizing photos is a way to potentially save space to upload more photos to your Flickr account each month.

Users with a GPS-enabled BlackBerry smartphone can choose to geotag their pictures. Geotags associate location information with a picture, telling viewers the location where the picture was uploaded.5



Check Your Flickr Account Use Status
You can check the statistics on the amount of data you have uploaded to Flickr in the past month. You can also see how many photosets you have used.

Note: The Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry smartphones application is not available for BlackBerry® Internet Service Lite subscribers.

1 Requires activation with data plan.
2 Check with your service provider for supported features and services.
3 When you subscribe for, acquire, or use third party products and services with RIM products or services you accept that: 1. It is your sole responsibility to (a) ensure that your airtime service provider will support all of their features; (b) identify and acquire all required intellectual property and other licences prior to installation or use and to comply with the terms of such licences; 2. RIM provides such products and services on an “AS IS” basis with no express or implied conditions, endorsements, guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, and assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to them.
4 The Flickr application is available at no charge to the user. There may be costs associated with downloading the software and uploading files, check with your wireless service provider.
5 Geotags list the location at which the photo uploaded. To properly geotag an image, complete the uploading process from the same location the picture was taken.

BlackBerry Smartphones with GPS

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