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BlackBerry App World 1.1 Brings New Features

BlackBerry App World 1.1 Brings New Features

The latest version of BlackBerry App World™ is available for download—BlackBerry App World 1.1 makes it even easier to search for and archive your favorite applications.

App Search You now have more ways to search in BlackBerry App World.

With BlackBerry App World 1.1 you have greater control over how you search for apps, allowing you to quickly find just the solution you need. You can now sort your search and category results by:

  • Newest
  • Highest Rated
  • Price (lowest/highest)
  • Vendor
  • Application Name

Plus, the top free and paid apps now have separate icons, so if you want to limit your search to the latest, most popular free apps, you won’t have to scroll through the paid downloads.

Also new is the ability to archive your apps on an external memory card, which allows you to free up space if you have reached capacity for on-device memory. If you do not have enough memory to download an app, you’ll be prompted to archive an app. Archiving to your SD card allows for quicker reinstallation of apps, and allows you to reinstall whenever you want.

To take advantage of these—and other—new features, download BlackBerry App World 1.1 now. To download the latest version of BlackBerry App World, simply select OK when receiving the prompt to upgrade. Once you reboot your BlackBerry smartphone you’ll be able to take advantage of all the features BlackBerry App World 1.1 offers.

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