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Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones
Update 1.6

Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones Update 1.6

Loads of new features make the Facebook® application better than ever

If you use Facebook to stay connected with your friends and family, you know how important it is to be able to keep up with your social circle anywhere—not just when you’re in front of your computer. The Facebook application for BlackBerry® smartphones has always been a way to stay connected, but it’s recently gotten a whole lot more powerful. New features include the ability to link your friends list to your contact list, write on friends’ walls, and view messages as threaded conversations.

Link Your Address Book with your Friends on Facebook

Link Your Address Book with your Friends on Facebook

With the recent updates, Facebook now integrates with your BlackBerry smartphone in new ways. You can request and share phone numbers with your friends on Facebook, and you can link your friends Facebook profiles (including profile pictures) with their entries in your BlackBerry address book. You can automatically link your friends’ birthdays and Facebook events into your BlackBerry calendar. Any subsequent changes to a linked Facebook event will be reflected in your BlackBerry calendar entry for that event.

View Messages as Conversations

View Messages as Conversations

Facebook messages can now be viewed as threaded conversations, just as you would see them on the Facebook website itself, and messages can be sent to friend lists or email addresses. Notifications from Facebook are added to your BlackBerry Messages. Additionally, you can now comment on your friends’ status updates and participate in threaded conversations with friends who have commented on your status.

New Setup Wizard

Application setup is easier than ever thanks to the inclusion of a setup wizard, which walks you through the steps involved with installing and configuring the Facebook application. Now, you can even create a new Facebook account from your BlackBerry smartphone, using the Facebook mobile account creation web page, and you can transition from the BlackBerry Facebook application to the Facebook mobile site directly from the menu, without having to re-enter your username or password.

And More

And More

You can now view feeds with the Facebook app, allowing you to see a log of your friends’ recent activity. Additionally, wall support has been added, allowing you to view and comment on friends’ walls. Photo viewing is also improved, with the ability to click to view any photo on Facebook, and Facebook has been added to BlackBerry data search. Finally, Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones now supports 13 additional languages, including Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

With all these new features, Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones is an even more compelling way to stay in touch. Download the app for free from BlackBerry App World™ and get connected today.

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