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Find restaurants and much more with your BlackBerry smartphone

“What’s there to eat around here?” With a BlackBerry® smartphone, you’ll never have to ask that question again. By using food and drink apps available on BlackBerry App World™, you’ll always be able to eat like a local—and even discover some new places near you.

Let’s Eat

ZAGAT has long been respected as a definitive, concise source for restaurant reviews created by locals who know the cuisine of their towns. With ZAGAT TO GO, you can access reviews for more than 40,000 restaurants across cities around the globe—without having to rifle through a stack of those ubiquitous red books. ZAGAT TO GO allows you to search by GPS location, city, or street. Once you have chosen a location, you can further refine your search by cuisine and features, such as hours of operation, whether the restaurant has a view, and much more. By narrowing your search, you can quickly find a restaurant that’s just right for the occasion. And with ZAGAT TO GO, you’re not limited to searching for restaurants; with the app, you can also discover bars and nightclubs, golf courses, and hotels.

Once you make a selection, options include one-click calling to make a reservation and turn-by-turn directions. Whether you are searching for a restaurant, hotel or other venue, you’ll have access to the same numerical rankings and pithy reviews that make the original restaurant guides so popular. ZAGAT TO GO is available for a free 14-day trial from BlackBerry App World.


Where2Eat also provides you with an extensive list of restaurants based on your location. The app uses the GPS in your BlackBerry smartphone to determine your location (or you can enter your zip code) and then provides a list of restaurants in your area. The app continues to grow, as it’s based on restaurants that are included in the Yelp website. (U.S. Only)

Good Food Near You

Eating out can present some challenges if you’re trying to stay healthy—particularly if fast food is your primary dining option. Good Food Near You helps you make wise choices about what’s available to eat in your area. After you enter your zip code, the app creates a list of the healthiest food options near you. By selecting an item, you get location information for the restaurant and a full menu. By then selecting an item from that menu, you can read expanded nutritional information, including data about calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, and protein. As mentioned previously, the app is limited primarily to fast food outlets, but it does provide you with a good amount of information about the food available at these venues. Currently, Good Food Near You only covers locations in the United States.

Looks Great—Tip Calculator

Eventually, your meal will come to an end, and while figuring out how much to tip doesn’t require a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, splitting the bill amongst a table of people (maybe after you’ve shared a bottle of wine or two) can be a bit more challenging. Looks Great—Tip Calculator can help. The straightforward interface makes it simple to enter a total (with or without tax), a tip percentage, and the number of people in your party. You can then choose to round the total or the tip in
order to make splitting the bill even easier.

Let’s drink!

Choosing the right wine can be a nerve-wracking experience. But two apps available on BlackBerry App World can take out a lot of the guesswork. Instead of overwhelming you with evaluations of thousands of different bottles from myriad wineries, these apps provide you with general information about vintages and locations.

R Vintage Lookup

R Vintage Lookup allows you to select a country and then narrow your focus to a certain region and variety of wine. Once you make a selection, you get an overall rating for the vintage and a recommendation on whether to hold or drink. (U.S. Only)

Cellar Rat

Cellar Rat provides similar information, but it is presented via emoticons. With Cellar Rat you can get recommendations on wines from numerous regions, beginning with 1990 vintages.

Mobile Bartender

If you want to be the life of the party, we also have two apps that can help you become a master bartender on the spot. The simpler of the two, Mobile Bartender, provides only a recipe list, not step-by-step directions. However, it does include a wide breadth of drinks and allows you to search by drink type or ingredient.


Drinktini also includes drink recipes (with directions and glass recommendations as well). You can even search for drink recipes by region—letting you in on how to create such local favorites as an Alaska Pipeline and Georgia Peach Iced Tea. But this app provides you with much more—consider it your virtual wingman (or woman), ready to provide you with a wealth of information so you can have a big night out on the town. Drinktini provides bar information—including user reviews—based on city or zip code information you supply, and it’ll also help you get home safely by hooking you up with taxi information.

But that’s really just the start of things. Once you choose your drinking establishment of choice, Drinktini helps you out by providing you with a steady supply of fun facts, bar tricks, and other trivia to make you everybody’s best friend by the end of the night.
(U.S. Only)

Hungry for more?

This is just a taste (sorry for the pun!) of what’s available on BlackBerry App World. Check out the Entertainment section of BlackBerry App World to discover other great apps that can help you organize your shopping list, plan healthy meals, and much more.

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