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Get the Gmail Plug-in

Get the Gmail Plug-in

The Gmail™ plug-in is the first downloadable email client built by RIM, and it brings all the conveniences of this popular email service to your BlackBerry smartphone. Here, we look into some of the time-saving features you can take advantage of with the Gmail plug-in on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Conversation View

Conversation View

Unlike a traditional email client, the Gmail plug-in displays your emails in conversation view, which groups a message and all of its replies into a single thread. This makes keeping track of complicated exchanges easy and allows you to quickly find any earlier messages or attachments sent in a conversation.

Labels and Stars

Labels and Stars

The Gmail plug-in includes advanced features for organizing your messages, including labels and stars. The label feature allows you to attach one or more descriptive labels (which you can create using the Gmail web client) to your message, such as “Work”, “Finance”, “Football” or “Read later”. You can later filter your inbox or search results by label, allowing you to view only a certain category of emails. You can also “star” messages, which applies a special label that identifies particularly important emails.


Searching your email inbox is faster than ever with the Gmail plug-in. It allows you to quickly search the messages saved locally on your BlackBerry smartphone or in your entire Gmail inbox for a term in any field, including From, To, Subject and Body. You can also filter search results by label, or by starred status.

Initially, synchronization with the Gmail webmail client is only in the smartphone-to-webmail direction, meaning that changes made to messages (such as adding or editing a label) using the web client will not be reflected on the handheld, but two-way synchronization is expected to be implemented in the near future.

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If not, you’ll first need to integrate your Gmail hosted account with your BlackBerry smartphone by following the instructions here.

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