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Enjoy New Features on Your Current BlackBerry Smartphone

Introducing BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5: it's free, downloadable software that lets you get more done – and have more fun – with your current BlackBerry® smartphone. Designed for BlackBerry® 8700 Series, BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 Series, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 Series, and BlackBerry® 8800 Series smartphones, it provides you with intuitive icons and layout, full-featured applications and advanced functionality that help you stay on top of your day from just about anywhere. Read on for details on what’s included in this upgrade, how to check if it’s available now for your smartphone and carrier or how to be notified when it is.

Why upgrade to BlackBerry Device Software v4.5?

The built in software that came with your BlackBerry smartphone lets you enjoy all kinds of features to help you stay productive on the go. And now you can download an upgraded version for free*. When you do you'll add all kinds of enhanced features to your BlackBerry smartphone designed to not only increase productivity but add more fun. BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 requires it is supported by your wireless carrier, more details of which are on our website. But first, here's a glimpse of what you can do when you upgrade:

Enjoy emails that look better than ever - Rich HTML Email means your emails will be easier to read with font colors, hyperlinks, embedded images and bullets.

View and edit attachments – Edit Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files1,2 right on your BlackBerry smartphone! Just download the file and type away!4

Download, save and edit files – You can also download files from the Internet, save them on your smartphone and edit later.

Record video on the goManage your music with ease – See all your music files, or filter them by artist, album or genre quickly and easily. Even create and edit playlists.

Record and send a Voice Note – Can't type at the moment? Just record a Voice Note and send it as an email attachment or Multimedia Message (MMS). Or, record new thoughts and ideas and play them back to yourself later.

Record video on the go – Now you can capture the action virtually wherever you go with video recording capabilities on your current BlackBerry smartphone!3,4,5

Plus many more cool new features you're sure to love!

*Important to Note:

  • The BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 download on is available for BlackBerry® Internet Service users only.
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server users, please contact your IT department for information on your organization's upgrade plan for BlackBerry Device Software v4.5. This upgrade requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server software v4.1.6. If you are responsible for updating users in your organization, please click here for more information.
  • BlackBerry Professional Software users, please stay tuned to future issues of BlackBerry Connection or visit for updates on availability.
  • Certain features may not be available on every BlackBerry smartphone - please refer to the compatibility information posted on

How to check availability of BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 for your smartphone and with your carrier

The availability of BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 requires your carrier has tested and approved it for use on your particular smartphone model on their network. An update availability tool has been provided on Click here to check availability for your smartphone: If the upgrade is not yet available you will be given an option to sign up to be notified when it is available for your smartphone model and carrier.

How to update your BlackBerry Device Software to the latest version available

To keep your BlackBerry Device Software up to date for your smartphone and carrier, go to Click on the update button and the application loader will launch and install the latest version of software available for your smartphone and carrier. This may not yet be BlackBerry Device Software v4.5. Once it has run it will give you an option to click “Next” to be advised of any new software updates. Note, this update page must be viewed in Internet Explorer to run the update.

*The above update options are best utilized by visiting from your desktop PC with your BlackBerry smartphone connected via USB.


HTML Email Viewing with BlackBerry Device Software v4.5

Sample html email as it might appear in your BlackBerry smartphone email window.

Sample html email as it might appear in your BlackBerry smartphone email window with images downloaded.


You choose which emails you wish to view with images by selecting Get Images from the email menu.

To help customers conserve bandwidth and data usage, BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 does not automatically load images. You choose which emails you wish to view with images by selecting Get Images from the email menu.

Additional Networking Features Available to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Users1:

Requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1.6 or higher.

Remote Search for Messages – Search for and retrieve email messages from your email server – even if the message is no longer stored on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Additional Networking Features Available to BlackBerry Enterprise Server UsersFree-Busy Calendar Lookup – Now you can check the calendars of your colleagues, to easily look up their availability before sending a meeting request.

Advanced Enterprise Instant Messaging and Presence – If your company runs IBM® Lotus Sametime® or Microsoft® Live Communications Server you'll enjoy a range of enhanced IM features like contact "click to call", IM session "convert to call" and advanced emoticon support.


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1. For devices supported in a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server environment, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software v4.1.6 is required.
2. When you subscribe for, acquire, or use third party products and services you accept that: 1. It is your sole responsibility to (a) ensure that your airtime service provider will support all of their features; (b) identify and acquire all required intellectual property and other licences prior to installation or use and to comply with the terms of such licences; 2. RIM provides such products and services on an "AS IS" basis with no express or implied conditions, endorsements, guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, and assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to them.
3. Data plan activation required.
4. In order to record video clips a microSD card must be properly inserted in the BlackBerry® smartphone. MicroSD cards may be sold separately.
5. Video recording requires a BlackBerry® smartphone with a camera, but is not supported on the BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 smartphone.

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