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Built for BlackBerry Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Here are some of the latest applications available at Built for BlackBerry. Cool new News & Weather, Games and Entertainment and Lifestyle titles you will want to get your hands on. Some applications require purchase or offer a free trial. A few applications are noted as FREE to download.


News & Weather

The New York Times

Stay up to date with updates from The New York Times, Slate, CNN and others. Or subscribe to Viigo and get the news delivered to your smartphone as a newsfeed.


The Hockey NewsThe Hockey News – Stay ahead of the game, with The Hockey News on your BlackBerry smartphone. Score up-to-the minute stories and close-ups of your favorite stars and teams as well as hard-hitting columns, team-by-team coverage and full-color action shots. It's the ultimate application for both puck heads and casual fans.

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Games & Entertainment

Magic 8 BallMagic 8 Ball – Why visit a fortune teller, when you can unlock life's mysteries with Magic 8 Ball on your BlackBerry® smartphone? Based on the popular toy invented in the 40s, it is available in 8 styles - Classic, Techie, Pirate, Valley Girl and more. Each comes with answers to all your lingering questions. Is there a Magic 8 Ball that's right for you? Magic 8 Ball says, "Yes!"

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The OfficeThe Office – Love watching The Office? Wait until you get your hands on The Office game, available on your BlackBerry smartphone. Play waste-paper basketball, table mini-golf, chair racing and other stuff you see on the series. Earn points to win the title of Office Champion. It's more fun than a stapler set in Jello.

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Documents To GoDocuments To Go – Laptop weighing you down? You'll travel lighter when you use Documents To Go on your BlackBerry smartphone. You can create and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint® files using your smartphone's keyboard and menus. Then send the files as attachments. And leave no file behind.

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VR+VR+ - Got something to say? Speak up, with VR+ on your BlackBerry® smartphone. It lets you make high quality voice recordings and save them as MP3s. Then you can upload them to VR+'s free online storage site or post them to Facebook®, MySpace®, Twitter and Blogger. Get the word out.

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SlifterSlifter – Bargain hunters rejoice! Slifter is now available on your BlackBerry® smartphone. Slifter finds the best price for what you're looking for, and where you can find it. Just enter a product — and Slifter shows you what's available, its price, promotional information and detailed directions to the nearest store. Every bargain hunter needs a guide. Get yours!

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SplashMoneySplashMoney – Do you have any idea where your money goes? SplashMoney on your BlackBerry smartphone will help you figure it out. Connect to your bank from your smartphone and download your transactions. Create budgets, then track and analyze your spending. Make all your dollars make sense.

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