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BlackBerry Media Sync Simplifies Music on BlackBerry

Take your music with you

My home desktop has about 70GB of music on it—not an overwhelming collection by any means, but more than I can carry at any one time on my BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone. Since I've been using the latest version of BlackBerry® Media Sync, however, it's been much easier to move music back and forth between my desktop and my BlackBerry Bold smartphone (BlackBerry Media Sync works with other BlackBerry smartphones as well.)

With BlackBerry Media Sync (it's included with the latest version of BlackBerry® Desktop Manager) I can choose which playlists I want to have on my smartphone. And if you already use iTunes®, you'll find that synching your iTunes playlists to your BlackBerry smartphone is pretty intuitive. After launching the app, you'll see a list of all your playlists, simply check the ones you want to sync to your smartphone.

Updates to iTunes playlists on my desktop are automatically reflected each time I sync my BlackBerry Bold smartphone. And if I have some free space left after selecting the playlists I want, I let BlackBerry Media Sync decide how to fill the additional space on my memory card—allowing me to always have something a little unsuspected on there as well.

And while I organize my music with iTunes, if you use Windows Media Player, you'll find BlackBerry Media Sync works equally well with that app too.

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