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Highlights from the BlackBerry Developer Conference Shed Light on Future Apps and Services

Highlights from the BlackBerry Developer Conference Shed Light on Future Apps and Services

Providing BlackBerry® smartphone users with a transformative experience, through applications working in close conjunction with smartphone features, was a central theme at the second annual BlackBerry Developer Conference, held recently in San Francisco.

By giving developers a deeper level of interaction with BlackBerry systems, users will begin to see how applications can interact with each other, and the special features of each device, to enhance their overall experience, according to Research In Motion (RIM) Co-CEO Jim Balsillie.

“This is not about thousands of thousands of islands of applications; this is about a very personal, rich and contextualized experience for transformation,” he told a room packed with BlackBerry developers. “You can deliver on that promise with these services and these tools, that is the promise of mobility and applications that are no longer islands.”

At the event, RIM announced four new service platforms to give developers the powerful tools they need to create features like location based services, streamline online payments, push out information to devices and allow advertising within applications. Collaborations with Adobe Systems Inc., and Oracle Corp., will also allow developers to create deep connections to those companies’ applications.

Location Based Services - RIM introduced three new location-based services for developers, including Cell Site Geo-Location, which estimates your phone's location based on cell tower triangulation, Reverse Geo-Coding that translates your phone's actual location to an address on a map and a Travel Time service that can estimate how much time it will take to get from one location to another in the US and Canada.

BlackBerry Push Service - Allows applications to have time-sensitive alerts and small amounts of information pushed to smartphones without straining their battery life.

BlackBerry Payment Service- Will make it possible for users to purchase content or subscriptions from within an application, and have it charged to them via their service provider.

BlackBerry Advertising Service- Will let application providers lower their fees by providing connections to a large pool of quality advertising units from trusted networks, which are compliant with the Mobile Marketing Associations’ guidelines.

Adobe- An expanded collaboration will allow developers to use the Adobe® Flash Platform and Adobe® Creative Suite to create image and video content that can easily be viewed on BlackBerry smartphones.

Oracle- Enhanced support for Oracle® JDeveloper will allow developers to create Java or web enterprise-grade apps that integrate RIM's services with Oracle Fusion.

OpenGL ES support- Provides the ability to build Java®-based 3D games and graphics for BlackBerry smartphones.

GUI builder for BlackBerry® Java® Plug-in for Eclipse®- Will give Java developers a faster and easier way to create interfaces with BlackBerry applications.

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