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Traveling During the Holidays?

10 games sure to make travel fun

Does holiday travel turn you into a Scrooge? Well, friend, we're here to offer a solution. Below are 10 of our favorite games from BlackBerry App World™. From classic puzzles and board games, to golf and shoot ‘em ups, these are proven winners to entertain both adults and kids.

Download two or three to your BlackBerry® smartphone and you will pass the holidays in gaming bliss.


1. Ka-Glom

You will love this explosive twist on the falling puzzle genre. As blocks fall you try to connect Ka-Glom blocks of explosive jelly. Connect four Ka-Glom blocks and watch the chain reaction explode! The bigger the explosion, the bigger the fun.


Yes, I want explosive fun!

Sid Meiers Civilization IV War of Two Cities

2. Sid Meiers Civilization IV War of Two Cities

Hiding a secret yen for world domination? Convinced everything would run smoother if you were in charge? Then this BlackBerry smartphone version of the famous Civilization franchise is for you. Battle your archrival city for conquest and glory, while juggling your home city's development. Cannons will roar and cities will fall—all for the ultimate magnificence of your leadership.

$2.99 US

Conquer the world »

Sudoku Lite

3. Sudoku Lite

Talk to any obsessed Sudoku player and you will get an earful about its obvious superiority to any other puzzle game. Now anyone with a BlackBerry smartphone can pit his or her brainpower against the cold logic of the heartless puzzle. Sudoku Lite is a free trial version with 10 Sudoku puzzles for each difficulty level. When you've mastered Sudoku Lite, graduate to Sudoku Easy, Sudoku Hard, or Sudoku Extreme. For $2.99 each version includes 1,000 increasingly difficult puzzles.


Let your obsession begin »

Call of Duty: World at War

4. Call of Duty: World at War

Lead your squad through tough fighting in this wildly popular first-person shooter. Fight the climactic battles of WWII to help the Allies win the war against the Axis powers. All new squad-based missions test your leadership as you vanquish the enemy in Europe and the Pacific theaters.

$6.99 US

Will you do your duty? »


5. Backgammon

The classic strategy board game comes to your BlackBerry smartphone. Game play works just like the original. Practice against the game's built-in advanced AI engine, then pit your skills against players across the globe.

$4.99 US

Roll me doubles! »

Tiki Towers

6. Tiki Towers

Save the monkeys! Lead your troupe of monkeys to safety by building bridges and towers out of bamboo, coconuts, and vines. But watch out: If your structures collapse your monkeys face certain death. Move up levels until you win the ultimate prize, the ceremonial masks of an ancient tribe and their mythical lost treasure. Tiki Towers is action and puzzle solving built into one crazy adventure.

$3.99 US

Start the monkeyshines »

Tiger Woods

7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 by EA Sports

Tee it up as the #1 golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, or other PGA Tour pros. Go low as your stripe the fairways off the tee and sink the long putts on the green. Aim for the flagstick on some of the most legendary courses of all time!

$6.99 US

Tee it up! »


8. MONOPOLY Here & Now

Own it all in the classic board game redesigned with a modern twist! Featuring today's popular locations, up-to-date property values and payouts, and a selection of brand new tokens to choose from, MONOPOLY Here & Now is fresh and fun!

$6.99 US

Let's make a deal »

Flight Path

9. Flight Path

Navigate your airplane through the rings coming straight at you. Push your piloting skills to the limit as the rings get smaller and smaller as you go. The closer you get to the center of a ring, the more points you get. This game is easy to learn and strangely addicting.


Give me the controls! »


10. Shrek the Third: The Official Mobile Game

Join your favorite green ogre in his amazing adventures in Far Far Away, the Magic Forest, and the Royal Castle. Unlock secret locations, battle villains, and meet Shrek's friends Donkey and Puss in Boots along the way.

$2.99 US

Let the hijinks ensue »

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