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You're Going to Love What Your Browser Can Do Now!

The BlackBerry® Internet Service browser just got a makeover.

It's never been easier - or faster - to download web pages. Now you can visit the most popular sites right from your BlackBerry smartphone, like Yahoo®, Google®, AOL®, Facebook™ or YouTube. You can shop, search, bid and network from your BlackBerry smartphone. Surf sites and zoom into specific areas with new functionality that makes sure you don't miss a word or image.

Ready, Set, Download
The browser's new compression technology makes web pages load faster than ever before. So while you're navigating around a site, your browser is giving you the best visual experience possible.

call 1-800-flowers

Use the "click to call" feature: scroll over a phone number on the website and click on it.
You'll get a screen asking if you want to call the number.

Imagine the convenience of paying that bill from your secure online banking site, or increasing your eBay® bid, all while you're waiting in the doctor's office. Or, while you're waiting in line for a movie, checking the latest reviews on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

It's easy to get the latest forecast from the local weather site so you know what to wear for dinner out tonight. Then look up the number for the restaurant in the Yellow Pages™, and click directly from your BlackBerry smartphone to call and make a reservation.

Getting Around Easily
With the new browser for BlackBerry smartphones, navigation has never been easier. You can see the entire web page and move effortlessly around the pages using the handy, virtual cursor.

While you're visiting your friend's homepage, like Facebook or MySpace™, you can move left and right, up and down, and see everything. Take a look at their photos and download those pictures to your own photo gallery. Or even make the picture into wallpaper for your BlackBerry smartphone screen.

Guggenheim Musseum

Choose "Desktop View" from the browser menu and you'll get a cursor just like your personal computer desktop. Use the cursor to help scroll around the page. You'll find some sites may display better in this view.


Use the "Page View" feature to navigate a site. The right hand column shows the full website, with a black box indicating the area you are viewing, which is displayed in full size at the left. Scroll quickly and pick the spot you then want to zoom in on using the menu key.

Try the Zoom In/Out feature to go from the big picture to specific areas. For example, while you're looking at an online newspaper, zero in on top headlines, the football scores, TV listings or classified ads, just by clicking. There's now no need to scroll.

It's never been easier to add, rearrange and edit bookmarks of your favorite sites - or even forward them to someone in an email so your friends and family are, literally, on the same page. You choose what you name the sites, and the browser gives it an easy to find icon, so you get to whatever you need effortlessly. You can even set your preferences to be notified when RSS sites with news feeds have new content to be viewed.

save a bookmark

Save a bookmark and give it a name you'll recognize.

email or text message

Now you can email or text message a web site address to friends or colleagues.

The new BlackBerry Internet Service Browser: fast and simple, plus it’s got all the reliability and security you’ve come to expect from your BlackBerry smartphone!

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