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Mobile ESPN Answers the Sports Fan's Call

ESPNWhen your team is winning, you have to know! ESPN, the leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company, understands what the sports fan wants. They've just made it easier to get scores, news and updates with a Mobile ESPN pushmark for BlackBerry® smartphones.

ESPN has been distributing content in the mobile space for as long as it's been possible to share content. Their mobile ESPN web site is a popular destination and an important part of their media conglomerate. They have a unique perspective on these services and how they're growing for users.

One of their recent efforts is Mobile ESPN for the BlackBerry smartphone. Once downloaded the ESPN icon on your BlackBerry smartphone provides a direct link to the mobile ESPN web site, and gets the sports enthusiast to their sports information faster.

To download the application, visit:

"Our mission is to serve sports fans everywhere," says Krystian Krycinski, Associate Director of Mobile Properties for ESPN. "We feel there's no better way to deliver content with immediacy than the mobile device that somebody has with them at all times. We try to get the information around sports to them in as convenient a format as possible."

With Mobile ESPN, you get the convenience of remaining connected to your sports teams and the ability to look up scores and statistics simply by picking up your BlackBerry smartphone.

The Time is Right for Mobile Content

ESPN is a forward-thinker when it comes to mobilizing content and sees it as a natural progression. "Our research with our fans tells us that this is what they want," says Kryscinski. "They want to get that information wherever they are, have that immediate access, because they're not always in front of a computer or a TV. This is one of many ways we distribute content across today's available media."

Krycinski notes that a few years ago, it would have been nothing more than a curiosity to see video on a mobile device. He credits technological improvements, such as better networks and more dynamic mobile devices such as the media-enhanced BlackBerry smartphones, as innovations that make it possible for ESPN to meet its fans' needs.

Immediacy is one of the reasons that mobile content has become more important to users. ESPN updates their mobile content first on their web site so fans know where to go for an instant answer. For anyone who wants to be the first to know, it's a real plus to get the most current sports information on their BlackBerry smartphone.

User Opts in – Decides How Much

Does that mean you have to be a diehard sports fan to want this? Not so, says Krycincki. He believes that mobile content is for everyone and personalization is the key. As such, ESPN offers a subscription service called ESPN Alerts to BlackBerry solution users.

That means, if you subscribe to a plan with your carrier that allows text messaging and you have a text-message or SMS-enabled BlackBerry smartphone, you can have your sports content sent directly to you.

"It's very customizable," says Krysinski. "It's not like you're getting bombarded by spam. If you want only Mets game scores sent to you, that's what you get. You decide the level you want to get involved and the frequency of content you want to receive."

Here are a few of the ESPN Alerts you can receive on your BlackBerry smartphone:

  • Scores and news for NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and College
  • Breaking News
  • Fantasy News for Baseball and Football
  • Personalized Injury and Substitution Alerts for your ESPN Fantasy Football team
  • Updates for events such as March Madness, The Masters, NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, US Open, and more

To find out more about ESPN Alerts, visit:

For ESPN, the sky's the limit for mobile content. Their users continue to press them for video access and highlights of their favorite games on their mobile devices. As their users demand more from them, the sports giant is working hard to deliver the right services.

"ESPN has a lot of properties and we offer content across a lot of distribution platforms. We're always focused on our core mission, which is to serve our fans, and mobile content is certainly one way to make our fans happier," concludes Krysinski.

News, Sports, Weather and More Cool Things for your BlackBerry Smartphone

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