2007 Calendar Patch

In BlackBerry® Device Software v4.2.2, the organization of calendar data is assigned to a location that is not accessible by the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. Additionally, when the BlackBerry smartphone is set to wirelessly synchronize with two or more separate calendars, duplication may occur and reminders for certain calendar appointments may not display. A calendar patch has been developed to address these issues.

Potential Issues

  • KB13419 Unable to synchronize calendar with duplicate entries from a BlackBerry Internet Service integration
    • Cause: The first BlackBerry Internet Service CICAL service book sent inherits the appointments from the base system calendar (calendar appointments which were created before any calendar service books were sent to the BlackBerry smartphone). The last BlackBerry Internet Service CICAL service book sent to the BlackBerry smartphone will be the default calendar.
    • Notes:
      • This issue does not affect BlackBerry smartphone users that are associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or only have one email account integrated with the BlackBerry Internet Service.
      • Appointments created before the last BlackBerry Internet Service CICAL service book was sent will be affected.
      • New appointments created after the last BlackBerry Internet Service CICAL service book is sent will not be affected and will work as expected.

How to prepare for the 2007 Calendar Patch upgrade

Are you a BlackBerry smartphone user? Are you an IT Administrator?
Please review the resolutions for individual users If your corporate environment supports BlackBerry Internet Service integration, please review the directions for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Push and validate that the patch has been pushed out successfully