BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise

No patches to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise are required from Research In Motion.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise administrators must modify the GroupWise time zone definitions maintained by ConsoleOne with the new DST rules. See the Notice to GroupWise customers page for further details.

Apply the appropriate configuration updates and patches before the first 2007 Daylight Saving Time (DST) transition on 11 March 2007. You do not have to simultaneously apply the updates and patches to BlackBerry® devices and the Novell® GroupWise® server, but all patches should be rolled out before the transition date. You can apply the updates as soon as they are available.

Software Update Instructions

Use the following list to help create a deployment plan for implementing the DST 2007 changes in your Novell GroupWise and BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise environment. Although the following tasks mention specific pages within Updating your BlackBerry Environment to Support DST 2007 Changes (PDF), it is strongly recommended that you read the entire document.

  1. Create a project plan for your organization that includes all the actions you need to take to update your environment to support DST 2007 changes. Use this list and the information available on this website as a starting point. Consider creating instructions for your help desk to assist users applying the RIM DST 2007 patch.
  2. Update the Microsoft Windows Server that is running the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. (Page 4)
  3. Apply any Operating System updates the mail platform is running on. (Page 4)
  4. Update the Microsoft Windows clients. (Page 5)
  5. Update the BlackBerry devices using one of the following methods:
  6. Optional: Update the GroupWise WebAccess Agent. Please read the Notice to GroupWise Customers for more information.
  7. Update the ConsoleOne time zone information. Please read the Notice to GroupWise Customers for more information.
  8. Optional: On a regular basis, use the DST 2007 Query tool (Page 11) to confirm that the RIM DST 2007 update has been installed successfully on BlackBerry devices. You can run the DST 2007 Query tool as frequently as you like.
  9. Optional: Review the output from the DST 2007 Query tool. Consider sending an email message reminding users who have not applied the RIM DST 2007 patch successfully to their BlackBerry devices that an update is required.
  10. Optional: Confirm that other updates to the environment have been completed successfully.
    • Determine if Microsoft Windows has been updated correctly (Page 9)
  11. Optional: Encourage users to confirm that appointments appear correctly in their calendars. If appointments do not appear correctly, instruct users to reschedule the appointments and send updates to appointment attendees. Please read the Notice to GroupWise Customers for more information.
  12. Optional: After both your BlackBerry environment and Microsoft environment have been updated successfully, run the GWCheck tool available from
    NOTE: Please see Using the Novell GWCheck tool in a BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment (KB12543) if you plan to use the GWCheck Tool in your BlackBerry Environment.