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Meeting Your Collaboration and Communication Needs

Secure Messaging

Alerts, alarms and emergency preparedness

Cross platform EMM

Secured Information Exchange

Secure access to apps, data and content

Mobile Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Healthcare Organization

Communicate with other clinicians and access information from anywhere.

Enable a structured workflow to coordinate clinical codes, transporters, housekeeping and OR.

Securely communicate by message, voice and video between provider and patient.

Capture health information with peripheral wearables and biometric monitors.

Mobilize your homecare workforce, coordinating routes, mileage, access to clinical data, and more.

Coordinate first responder units and enable pre-emptive readiness in the emergency room upon arrival.

Communicate with other clinicians, access information from anywhere and securely mobilize employees.

The Trusted Solution in Mobile Healthcare

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Fortune 500 healthcare providers powered by BlackBerry software.


Hospitals trust BlackBerry for their mobility needs.


Active BES in healthcare.


Active BlackBerry® AtHoc users in healthcare.

Featured Case Studies

Global Medic

I run a multimillion dollar, multinational, multi-modality system response in many countries at the same time, all through BBM on my Passport. This technology helps us do our jobs better, and our job is to save lives on a global scale.

Rahul Singh
Founder and Executive Director

North American Healthcare Collective

The company estimates that using BlackBerry AtHoc for scheduling has reduced the amount of time their scheduling staff spends on the phone by approximately 50%.


AtHoc Account Manager

University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB)


Our solutions must meet our criteria of making sure they enable our staff to focus fully on improving service to patients … BlackBerry appreciates that.

Stephen Chilton
Director of Information and
Communications Technology, UHB

What You Need to Know

Guide to Mobile Healthcare

Strategies, Tactics, and Case Studies for CIOs and other Leaders.

Regulatory Change

Doctors used to be Banned from Texting. Here's what has Changed.

Emergency Preparedness

It's Time to Modernize Emergency Communications at Hospitals.


Hear from experts and implementers why home healthcare should go mobile.


Mobilize Your Homecare Workforce, Coordinating Routes, Mileage, Secure Messaging and Collaboration, Access to Clinical Data, Scheduling and Real Time Location Services.

Coordinate First Responder Units and Enable Pre-Emptive Readiness in the Emergency Room Upon Arrival.

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Cybersecurity efforts and patient care are both equally important, by Sara Jost, RN, published September 28, 2017 in Healthcare Innovation 
Our bodies, our data: How healthcare providers can protect patient privacy, by Sara Jost, RN, published September 11, 2017 in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review 
Five helpful tips for protecting the healthcare industry from ransomware, by Sara Jost, RN, published August 18, 2017 in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review 
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Our Bodies, Our Data: Protecting Patient Privacy

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Healthcare Secure Messaging and Collaboration

Explore a common healthcare use case for secure communication.

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