BlackBerry WorkLife

A Separate Corporate Identity on Personal Devices

Two Lines. One Employee. One Device.

BlackBerry® WorkLife offers a separate work line on personal devices, enabling you to draw a firm line between corporate and personal life, while your enterprise maintains 100% control of the corporate number.

With BlackBerry® WorkLife Persona, your employees get a separate corporate identity on their Android™ and iOS devices for calling and text – without an additional SIM. BlackBerry® WorkLife Data can be used in addition, or on its own, to separate data used by corporate and personal apps.

A Better User Experience

Employee Privacy

BlackBerry WorkLife Persona helps employees maintain
work-life balance by separating personal and professional calls and text messages. Work calls are received natively, and users initiate calls easily through the BlackBerry WorkLife app. Enterprises will never have visibility into personal phone usage.

Desk Number Integration

Users can even use their familiar desk numbers on mobile. Outgoing work calls from their mobile device are identified as coming
from their desk number, while incoming calls to that phone
will be routed to their mobile device.

Simple Management

From a single web-based console, you can manage all your users and numbers with ease. Add users, remove users, reassign numbers, and set policies, such as enabling or disabling text, voice, recording and archiving.

With BlackBerry WorkLife’s built-in advanced analytics feature, you can use the web-based console to monitor employees’ work-related voice, text and data usage—without visibility into users’ personal lives. View usage by total amount, by individual, and by type of reimbursement, for a clear breakdown of how your employees work on mobile. 

Recording and Archiving for Compliance

BlackBerry WorkLife Persona enables regulated enterprises to meet stringent compliance requirements related to legislation
such as MiFID II and the Dodd Frank Act. With the ability to record calls in real time and archive texts into existing enterprise e-Discovery solutions, it provides accurate records of work communications for dispute resolution.

Automated Reimbursements for Corporate Data Usage

For organizations who face challenges of reimbursing employees for corporate data usage on BYOD, BlackBerry WorkLife Data offers an easy split billing solution that eliminates the need for manual expense claims and stipends. 

It automates reimbursements and provides analytics by clearly separating exact data used by corporate applications. Enterprises can now gain insight into corporate data use, prevent over subsidizing, and put an end to complex and time-consuming BYOD reimbursement programs.

Quick and Easy Deployment

BlackBerry WorkLife products are cloud-based and both carrier and EMM independent, so setup is minimal.
They can be purchased and implemented together or separately. BlackBerry WorkLife Persona leverages the carrier network, making it inherently secure and reliable, and ensuring it works with carriers worldwide.

BlackBerry WorkLife Data can be enabled with one step—on any device managed by
BlackBerry® Dynamics or other EMM vendors that use VPNs to secure device communications.

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Give your employees the corporate phone number they need, while keeping their personal number separate.