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Ruggedized, Reliable, Secure

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Designed to Solve Real Industry Problems

Building on 20+ years of experience delivering secure, mission-critical products, patented BlackBerry Radar® technology is designed to solve problems facing the transportation and logistics industries, without creating new hassles for operations. 

With up to 8 sensor readings available from one device, BlackBerry Radar makes it easier to collect more information about the status of your assets to improve your operations.  

Sensor readings include: 

  • Accurate Mileage
  • Trip Reporting
  • Door Open/Closer Alerts for Containers and Trailers
  • Container On/Off Alerts for Chassis
  • GPS Location & Custom Geofencing
  • Cube Space Utilization

BlackBerry Radar H2 is a scalable solution enabled for wireless communication with external sensors, such as the BlackBerry Radar Cargo Sensor, for enhanced visibility.

BlackBerry Radar devices leverage BlackBerry’s heritage in data security and innovation.

  • Your data is protected by BlackBerry encryption and authentication services
  • Devices are powered by the BlackBerry QNX operating system, used in over 120 million cars
  • World-class BlackBerry radio engineering and antenna design is built right in

Once installed, BlackBerry Radar devices require virtually no maintenance. Because the solution is low-touch, there is minimal disruption to your operations post-installation, which allows you to maximize your ROI.

Device design and construction minimize risk of external damage or performance deterioration in extreme conditions.

  • With no external wires, multiple failure points are eliminated.
  • Self-contained high-capacity battery designed to operate between -40°C and 85°C (-40 and 185°F)
  • Secure over-the-air (OTA) updates to push software updates and new features 

Devices are easy to install in less than 10 minutes. No training or experts are required. Once installed, Radar devices immediately begin collecting information.

  • Minimal asset downtime for device installation
  • No additional cost from professional installers or staff training
  • Simpler coordination of the solution roll-out across fleet assets
  • The ability to add wireless sensors during the initial implementation or in the future

The BlackBerry Radar H2 solution also provides several installation configurations for discrete device placement and different sensor readings to suit your business.

Read the BlackBerry H2 Installation Overview for further installation details. 

BlackBerry Radar devices have been tested extensively to meet industry standards.

  • MIL STD-810G: drop, shock, vibration, salt fog, high altitude, solar, UV
  • SAE J1455: Water spray
  • IP67, IEC 60529: Dust/water ingress
  • EN 60950-1:2006: Impact
  • ISO 9001

BlackBerry Radar devices have up to 6 years of battery life based on a standard use case. Our solution is designed with regular and event driven updates to provide more frequent visibility than “1 ping per day” models. The frequency of updates from the device can also be configured to fit your business needs.

Talk to us about your specific use case and what your battery consumption would be. 

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BlackBerry Radar H2: Low-Maintenance, Scalable, Asset Monitoring

BlackBerry Radar H2 is the next generation monitoring solution purpose-built for the transportation industry’s tough requirements. It provides reliable, actionable location and status information on trailers, chassis, containers and equipment from one main device. BlackBerry Radar H2 can also communicate to wireless sensors for a customizable and scalable solution.

  • Ruggedized and low maintenance devices
  • Flexible, discrete, and easy installation for minimal disruption to your business
  • Up to 5 sensor readings from the main device and the ability to communicate to external wireless sensors


BlackBerry Radar Sensor Gateway

The BlackBerry Radar Sensor Gateway in Radar H2 communicates with external wireless sensors2, such as the BlackBerry Radar Cargo Sensor, and enables future integration to other sensors for enhanced visibility to asset status. The Sensor Gateway uses an advanced communication protocol that has minimal energy consumption and optimizes communication between the sensor and the main device in transportation use cases.

BlackBerry Radar Cargo Sensor Accessory

The BlackBerry Radar Cargo Sensor Accessory is the first wireless sensor released by BlackBerry that communicates with BlackBerry Radar H2. Designed for operations with trailers or containers that need enhanced cargo visibility and cargo , it includes a unique cargo sensing capability that determines cube utilization, in addition to door open/close alerts and environmental sensors. 

Reliable Hardware Solutions


Cargo Sensor
Best Suited For Chassis, Containers,
Trailers, Equipment
Estimated Battery Life Using BlackBerry Radar Standard Use-Case Up to 6 years Up to 6 years Up to 6 years Up to 5 years
Accurate Mileage & Trip Reporting
Start & Stop Detection
Door Open/Close Alerts3
Custom Geofences
GPS Asset Location
Tamper Alerts
Container On/Off3
Available Cargo Capacity Sensing
Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Alerts    
Sensor Gateway
Enables scalable, secure and reliable communication to additional wireless sensors
  Radar L
Data Sheet
Radar H2
Data Sheet
Radar M
Data Sheet
Radar Cargo
Sensor Data Sheet


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1.Except when the device is outside of cellular range. In these cases, the device will store the data and send it once the asset is in cellular range.
2.The Sensor Gateway capabilities are only supported by the 273 Wh battery option.
3.BlackBerry Radar L and BlackBerry Radar H2 will only be able to detect door open/close or container on/off based on the type of asset and where the device is installed.