BBM Enterprise SDK - CPaaS

Build Communications Experiences, Safely and Securely

Real-Time Communications and Data Sharing for Your Apps and Systems

BBM® Enterprise SDK is an IP-based cloud communications platform that lets you easily create powerful new experiences between your users, machines and IoT devices. Its enterprise-grade communication and data sharing functionality can be integrated directly into your Android™, iOS and web apps.

With end-to-end encryption, digitally signed messages, and guaranteed data delivery, BBM Enterprise SDK is a secure CPaaS (communications platform as a service) solution that can enable you to build powerful connections around the world, while keeping everything safe and secure in a “private garden” communication system.



Ease of Integration

The Guide to Securely Boosting In-App Engagement

Learn how you can enhance the user experience and boost engagement by delivering new real-time capabilities within your apps.

Transform Your Business

Build innovative communications and services into your custom apps for internal and external users, going beyond basic chat.

Embedded Real-Time Chat, Voice and Video

  • Full-featured IM and voice calls
  • 1:1 and group chats
  • Embedded “click to call” with thumbnail and full screen video chat views

Peer-to-Peer Data Streams

  • Rich peer-to-peer data streaming (low- and high-bandwidth)
  • Secure sharing of files, contact cards, media, location, whiteboarding and other business data

Publish/Subscribe Services

  • Channels for broadcasting to subscribing users
  • Real-time user notifications of user/machine-readable activity in the collaboration space

Chat Bots and Routing Services

  • Chat bot services for real-time user support
  • User data, activity, and messages are used to route the user to the correct contact point

AI Predictive Analytics

  • Behind-the-scene user empowerment with AI algorithms to deliver relevant information
  • Location-based alerts or suggested user actions based on usual behavior

Secure IoT Data Sharing

  • Real-time data sharing across endpoints
  • No worry of cached copies or “fingerprints in the cloud” that could compromise privacy

Power Your Communications Across the Globe


Securing communications


Guaranteed delivery

100 M +

Users globally


Chats and calls per day

The Platform You Can Trust

With 80+ security certifications, BlackBerry has more than any other vendor. No exception to the rule, the BlackBerry CPaaS solution was built on security first. While others try to catch up, BBM Enterprise SDK keeps moving further ahead.

  • Proprietary government-grade protection across all communications, both in transit and at rest.

  • FIPS 140-2 validated end-to-end encryption

  • Messages are digitally signed, encrypted, and subject to integrity checks for security assurance.

Make sure your messages, videos and data are delivered every time.

  • Uses BlackBerry’s own IP-based infrastructure, reliable even in areas with low performing-networks

  • Safeguards against traditional network outages and spikes

  • Ability to handle high-bandwidth data across all endpoints

  • Built on the same infrastructure as BBM, which has scaled to billions of messages per day

  • Connection management uses built-in redundancies to ensure uptime

Adding communications to your apps is as seamless as possible with the BBM Enterprise SDK.

  • Works with industry standard user identity and management systems

  • Integrates communication capabilities into existing business processes, including CRM records and ERP systems

  • Improves customer satisfaction while lowering your support costs.

Your Competitive Advantage

Reap the benefits of an improved user experience in your custom apps.

  • Increase engagement: Keep your users inside your app environment by providing them with a full set of compelling capabilities.

  • Stay competitive: Introduce real-time services and capabilities that set you apart in the market.

  • Increase revenue: Offer premium offerings that create new revenue streams for your business.

  • Enhance business operations: Seamlessly integrate communications and data sharing into your existing business processes.

  • Get insights: Get analytics on app usage to make better investment decisions.

  • Enable digital transformation: Power next-generation business flows to create transformative interactions between people, machines and IoT devices.

Industry Focus: Banking Services

BBM Enterprise SDK can help finance organizations enhance the digital banking services they provide to customers, with secure mobile and web experiences.