BlackBerry Intelligent Security

Meet Your Highest Security Standards for Data Access

Security that Travels and Adjusts with Your Users

BlackBerry® Intelligent Security Service leverages the power of the BlackBerry Spark platform to adapt security policies for users based on situational risk.  It uses a range of factors to decide what level of access should be granted to an employee or contractor at any given moment, such as geographic location, biometrics, time and usage.

Dynamically Adapt Your Security Policy

Builds on Existing Infrastructure

BlackBerry Intelligent Security builds on highly secure, trusted BlackBerry solutions you may already have deployed.

  • No new infrastructure required
  • Works with existing third-party infrastructure such as IDPs and apps
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Apply AI and machine learning to build trusted behavior models that incorporate mobile, geo and biometric factors such as:

  • Where the user is
  • The device, app and network being used
  • What the user is trying to do
  • Whether the user’s behavior seems consistent and trusted
Real-time Risk Scoring

BlackBerry Intelligent Security scores current contextual data in real-time for fit with low-risk, high-trust patterns. The scoring system also includes both individual user and aggregate user behaviour across multiple dimensions.

Integrations with Other Data Feeds, Identity Providers & Systems

BlackBerry Intelligent Security is built on the secure, extensible BlackBerry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture so you can extend data, services and workflows with third-party threat detection systems.

Optimized UX Design

BlackBerry Intelligent Security allows the user experience design (UX) and security/policy posture to be mutually and dynamically optimized, as opposed to conflict.

How it Works

BlackBerry Intelligent Security models unique analytics data derived from secure BlackBerry containers and the BlackBerry Network Operations Center (NOC), combined with spatial data, to create a real-time risk score for individual user profiles.

In addition to the adaptive policy, the machine learning capability of BlackBerry Spark enables BlackBerry Intelligent Security to identify behavioral and location patterns of multiple users to determine location risk. For example, if repeated patterns of large clusters of employees are identified in the same location it can automatically identify it as a work location.

Optimized User Security, Experience and Productivity

Increased Protection at the User Level

  • "N-factor" authentication
  • Decreased risk in the event a device is lost
  • Virtually impossible device/app cloning or user impersonation
  • Detection and remediation of behavior that can lead to data loss – whether intentional or not

Enhanced User Experience

With a policy posture that’s adapted to actual context, a “zero sign-in” and/or increased timeouts can be enabled for a low-risk pattern in a high-trust location

Improved Productivity

Streamlined access to apps and services, with the potential to eliminate the need for a separate multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution