App Development

Develop feature-rich apps quickly and securely

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and Shared Services

Up to 80% of the effort in building a mobile app is spent on items that are not core to that app’s function or user experience. The BlackBerry® Dynamics Shared Services Framework facilitates code reuse and faster app development while the platform’s unique containerization technology ensures all information exchanges are protected with government-grade encryption. Build better apps, more securely with BlackBerry Dynamics. 

Fast, Secure App Development

By using the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK developers can focus on the unique value of their apps while conforming to IT’s security baselines.

The BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility platform provides a clean three-layer architecture to separate apps from underlying infrastructure. IT can easily set policies, choose authentication mechanism and manage app security and deployment while developers focus on the unique value of their app. 

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK provides out-of-the-box encryption, app-level security and compliance controls, as well as secure communication with and access to resources behind the firewall. It even allows developers to quickly integrate a wide range of multifactor authentication options without rewriting code. Admins can enable or disable biometric authentication for enterprise apps built on the Dynamics Platform. 

The BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility platform provides a wide range of shared services to maximize code reuse and speed time to delivery. Developers can quickly enhance the value of their mobile apps by reusing services (e.g., print, email, transfer, etc.) provided by servers, including in the cloud, and BlackBerry-secured apps. 

Developers can build their own services to utilize a SOA-like development pattern on mobile devices.  By building their own services they can break down common tasks into reusable components.  They can publish services, whether app-based or server-based, to the BlackBerry Developer Network and enable thousands of ISV and in-house developers to use your services to enhance their commercially available or in-house custom built apps. 

Integrations with Your Developer Tool of Choice

The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform is flexible enough to work with nearly any tool, development environment or methodology a development team may choose. No matter if apps will be developed using HTML5, Cordova, Xamarin, native app development or hybrid models, an SDK for the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform is available. Dynamics also supports applications written in Xcode 10 and Swift v4.2 for iOS and macOS devices. 

Additionally, support for WKWebView and Xamarin.Forms Unified APIs allows developers to leverage new capabilities to improve app performance and the end user experience.