Unified Endpoint Management - UEM

Manage Your Diverse Set of Endpoints

Securely Address Endpoint Diversity with Flexibility

How do you effectively manage your growing fleet of devices while keeping corporate data secure? As new device types proliferate and the lines between desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables and even IoT blur, how do you stay in control?

Whether on premise or in the cloud, BlackBerry® UEM, a key component of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite, allows your organization to secure and manage all the intelligent endpoints in your enterprise. UEM Cloud provides the most secure management platform for identity, device and application management with all the advantages of a cloud service. 

BlackBerry Scores Highest in BYOD Use Case

2018 Gartner Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management


The BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite provides shared device and day one support for the latest iOS releases. Use a layered security model and ease support for the wide range of iOS platforms, spanning the entire suite of BlackBerry applications, leading ISV applications and heightened security for native iOS applications. 

Zero-touch enrollment with the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite enables large-scale Android deployments.

With Android support that spans the entire suite of BlackBerry applications, a wide range of leading ISV applications and comprehensive support for Samsung Knox Workspace and Android for enterprise you can empower employees with mobile productivity.

Operations teams can set both MDM and app-specific policies on Windows Phone devices, while users can utilize business-grade secure email and other apps built on the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform.

Use the gold standard for managing BlackBerry® 10 devices. BlackBerry® UEM manages a wide array of devices and policies from a unified console.  BlackBerry devices can be managed from the same solution used for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and more.


Provide robust support for Windows 10 devices whether desktop, laptop or tablet devices, such as Microsoft Surface. With the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite, operations teams can set MDM policies on Windows devices, allowing IT to take a lightweight, modern management approach to supporting PCs. Managing PCs with MDM policies allows IT to quickly and easily set up and support Windows devices.

In addition, with BlackBerry® Access for Windows organizations can easily deploy HTML5 apps, including a version of the BlackBerry® Work productivity app, into a containerized environment with offline access, providing an alternative to legacy VDI deployments.

Manage your macOS laptops with the same technology you use to manage your mobile devices. BlackBerry UEM manages MDM policies for laptops running macOS from a unified console.  And with BlackBerry Access for macOS organizations can easily deploy HTML5 apps, including a version of the BlackBerry Work productivity app, into a containerized environment with offline access, providing an alternative to legacy VDI deployments.


Worldwide shipments for enterprise and industrial wearables are expected to increase from 2.3 million in 2015 to 66.4 million units annually by 20211. As the number and diversity of these devices increase in the enterprise, organizations must find new ways to ensure secure management, control, and enablement capabilities.

As smart glasses appear in the workplace, they require new levels of security and support. BlackBerry UEM software provides comprehensive tools and policies for secure management and control of these devices. Connect them to the BlackBerry secure network, ensure compliance with software updates, provision third party apps and more, 

Enable a new era of productivity with BlackBerry Work by managing and securing access to corporate email and calendar notifications on Apple Watch devices through a comprehensive set of device and app policy controls. This capability offers enterprises a new way to unite usability and enterprise-grade security.

Provide comprehensive security and enterprise mobility management for Android Wear with the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. Ensure security and ease support for a wide range of Android Wear devices through MAM, fostering improved mobile productivity at the wrist.