White Paper: File Sharing and Collaboration Leads to
Security Gaps in Financial Services Firms

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QuinStreet and BlackBerry conducted a survey of 200 IT professionals in the financial services industry and found that there are gaps in security of business files (“unstructured data”).

Despite strict security policies, and high scrutiny from regulators, most financial services institutions reported that they had experienced a breach of business files. The culprits varied, but at the heart of many of these breaches was inadequate means for sharing files.

Read this white paper to learn how email, rogue employees, consumer-grade applications, and bad actors cause lapses in corporate security. You’ll also discover why some financial institutions are resorting to inefficient means, like mail and fax, to share documents. Ultimately, read how secure content collaboration solutions can make the difference, and what to look for in a secure and efficient collaboration solution.

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