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BlackBerry® Dynamics offers a comprehensive collection of secure apps to boost productivity, while safeguarding valuable corporate intellectual property.

Give your employees the freedom to work from any personal device, while protecting corporate and user data with industry-leading containerization.

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A Full Suite of Mobile Apps

Productivity apps for daily tasks including document and task management, browsing, instant messaging, file sharing, email, calendar and note-taking, on any mobile device.

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Build Better Apps, More Securely

Any app built using the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK automatically conforms to existing security baselines. 

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Management Edition

Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Mobile App Management (MAM)

Enterprise Edition

Management Edition + Mobile Productivity Apps & Secure Browser

Collaboration Edition

Enterprise Edition + Backend Integration, IM, 2FA, SSO & Advanced Mobile Security Features

Application Edition

Collaboration Edition + Custom App Development Framework & Analytics

Content Edition

Application Edition + Secure File Sync and Share & Content Collaboration